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19 Modern Spanish Style Interior Design (2024)

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Imagine you step into a space that emits warmth and vibrancy. The sunrays dance on the terracotta tiles. There are stucco walls, red tile roofs, and wrought iron balconies. These are all the essence of modern Spanish-style interior design.

A house is like an empty canvas. You have endless options to decorate your house. A home dweller chooses every tiny space to decorate and elevate the house to the next level.

The Spanish style of interior design has a timeless beauty and extraordinary charm.

19 Modern Spanish Style Interior Design

modern Spanish style interior design
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1. Warm Earthy Color Palette

Colors play a very important role in Spanish interior design. A warm, earthy color palette is perfect to give a Spanish-style design inside your home.

You can choose terracotta, a soft white hue, or a warm beige color to paint the walls of the living space. It will create warmth and cozy atmosphere in your home.

The warm, earthy tones on the room’s walls will remind you of the Mediterranean landscape.

When the sun sets, it will paint the walls of your living space with a warm color palette. It will turn your home into a Spanish Villa.

2. Exposed Wooden Beams

modern Spanish style interior design
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Authentic Spanish-style homes have exposed wooden beams on their ceiling. You can use this thing to create a Spanish interior design inside your home.

You can install faux wooden beams on the ceiling of your bedroom. It will create an eye-catching look and draw every guest’s eyes upward once they visit your house.

Keep basket chairs and old lamp shades to the side. You can have a wide window to let in lots of natural light. Keep some green plants to add freshness to the entire Spanish-style decor. A nice wall painting and macrame hangings are enough to amplify the space.

3. Tile Accents

The essence of Spanish interior design comes from tile accents. You can use the traditional Spanish tiles on your kitchen’s backsplash. They also work on the fireplace to create a modern Spanish-style interior.

You can even use the Spanish tile on the borders of a mirror or use it as a decorative feature on your coffee table. Spanish tiles are beautiful and durable. They will add a charm to your entire space.

4. Use Rustic Furniture

You can keep rustic furniture to have a Spanish-style look. For instance, you can keep dark wooden coffee tables and wrought iron light fixtures. You can also have a distressed leather sofa in your living space. This will create a Spanish-style design.

5. Arched Doorways And Windows

Most Spanish-style homes have arched doorways and windows. If you are building your home, you can have arched doorways and windows for a Spanish-style design. They add a great visual interest and elegance to the home.

6. Dark Wooden Floors

Dark wooden floors are an important feature in most of the Spanish homes. Try to incorporate dark wooden floors with large windows. They dont lose shine even when harsh sunlight falls on them. Dark wood floors will look for many decades. So try to incorporate them in your home to have Spanish-style interiors.

7. Embrace Ornate Textiles

The use of ornate textiles is the next way to use Spanish-style design. You can have plush rugs, embroidered throw pillows, and heavy dark red or brown curtains in your home.

Heavy curtains can help to stop cold winter wind or summer heat from entering your home. They will even help to elevate your space to the next level.

8. Decorative Ironwork

Decorative ironwork is another aspect of Spanish-style design. You can use wrought iron to make window grilles in your living space. Adding these elements will add authenticity and a touch of romance to your living space.

9. Spanish Home Style Balconies

The balcony is one of the favorite places of most homeowners. It is a space where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors. You can incorporate Spanish-style design even on the balcony.

Have wrought iron railings and Morrocan floor tiles on your balcony. Place a few potted plants and two rattan chairs for a comfortable vibe. You can keep a storage rack for cocktails. Enjoy cocktails with your friends by showcasing the Spanish-style balcony in your house.

10. Have Terracotta Flooring

You can have terracotta flooring in your house to have a Spanish-style home. These types of flooring look good and are simple to clean. They even add warmth to your living room. Terracotta flooring is even cheaper compared to natural stones.

11. Artwork And Decor

You can beautify your walls with Spanish-style artwork. You can hang paintings that depict Mediterranean landscapes or Spanish ceramics. These decorative pieces will add the rich cultural heritage of Spain.

12. Greenery And Plants

You can keep potted plants near the doorways or windows to have an essence of Spanish Style. Green plants even purify the air inside your home. You can bring nature inside your home by keeping small potted plants.

13. Wooden Doors

The traditional Spanish-style homes have wooden entry doors and interior doors. The doors consists of alder wood and have iron accents to make them look more attractive. You can have wooden doors on your entries or other rooms in your home to have Spanish style decor.

14. White Stucco Walls

Stucco is a mixture of lime, sand water, and Portland Cement. Have white stucco walls on your home to have a Spanish-style interior design.

15. Terracotta Roof Tiles

You can have red terracotta tiles on the roof of your house to give it a Spanish essence. The rough texture of the tiles will add warmth and increase the aesthetic appeal of your house.

16. Stone Fireplaces

Fireplaces are the focal point of most of the dwelling. You can have a stone fireplace to have a Spanish essence in your home. Keep some decor elements on the fireplace mantel to make it look stunning.

17. Spanish Style Fountains

Fountains in a Spanish garden help to fight the hot, scorching summer. You can add Spanish-style fountains to your garden or courtyards.

18. Mexican Pottery

modern Spanish style interior design
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Mexican pottery dates back to Hernan Cortez’s ruling period in Mexico. You can have Spanish-style decor by having Mexican pottery in your home. These objects consists of clay and enhance the house’s decor.

There are various online stores where you can buy Mexican pottery.

19. Hanging Mirrors

Mirror is an integral part of Spanish interior design. You can hang a large mirror over the fireplace mantel or opposite of the window. It helps to illuminate the space and creates an illusion of a bigger space.


Modern Spanish-style interior design is increasing day by day. There are endless ways to add Spanish essence to your home. I have listed down 19 modern Spanish-style interior design ideas. You can follow these ideas to have Spanish decor in your house.

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