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23 Modern Ideas For Bedroom To Make Your Space Look Chic

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The bedroom is where you spend most of the time in a day. It’s obvious to get tired of seeing the same decor in your bedroom daily. You should give your bedroom a modern makeover for a luxurious feel.

I have listed almost 23 modern ideas for your bedroom to make your space look chic. So dive into the article to know such wonderful ideas.

23 Modern Ideas For Bedroom To Make Your Space Look Chic

modern ideas
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I am listing a few modern ideas that can give a gorgeous look to your bedroom.

1. Mix Natural And Synthetic Pieces

You can have wooden furniture, especially of light-tone shades, in your bedroom. Mix accents of plastic and metallic to compliment the overall look.

2. Have Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are in trend today. You can add this to your bedroom to add instant coziness.

3. Have Segmented Painting

You can have a nice segmented painting on one bedroom wall instead of one large frame. You can accentuate the beautiful painting by hanging some lamps on its side for a glamorous look.

4. Create A Personal Corner

A window frame with seating space in your bedroom is functional and cozy. You can view the outside world just by staying inside your bedroom.

5. Have A Minimalistic Theme

Modern bedroom decor demands neat and minimalistic things. Try to have a neat and clean bedroom with minimalistic things to have a peaceful atmosphere.

6. Wallpaper

You should choose beautiful wallpaper and stick it just behind your bed. You can choose the decor and color shade in your bedroom according to the wallpaper for a modern look.

7. Dazzling Headboard Wall

You can fix LED lights on the headboard wall to create a luxurious look in your bedroom.

8. Have Frosted Glass On Your Closet

You can use frosted glass in your closet for a unique look in your bedroom. The glass on the closet even creates an illusion of a bigger space.

9. Use Mirrors As Decorative Accent

Mirrors are versatile decorative accents. You can hang them on the bedroom wall to have a glamorous look. Try to hang mirrors of various shapes and sizes to create a montage effect.

10. Have Colorful Flowers

You can keep yellow or red shades of flowers in your bedroom. It will freshen up your mind every morning when you get up.

11. Go Dramatic

For a modern look, you can use bold and dramatic colors like black and burgundy to paint the walls. Combine it with leather or velvet materials to compliment the look.

12. Opt For Low Height Furniture

To add depth and elegance, you can have a low-height bed and other furniture in your bedroom.

13. Have Smart Storage Space

Bedrooms are usually small in big cities. If you have a small bedroom, consider smart storage options. For example, you can have storage space under the bed or on its side to store various necessities.

14. Combine Black And White

You want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom while falling asleep. Have beddings of pure white. You can have a rug and an art above the bed of black.

You can also have furniture in black. The black and white combination can give a modern look to your bedroom.

15. Have Color Coordinated Bedroom Design

The right color combination in your bedroom can deeply impact your mood, sleep, and even personality.

Once upon a time, homeowners do not want to combine blue and green in their rooms. But today, time has changed. You can combine both of these colors to create serenity in your bedroom.

You can have green walls in your bedroom with dark blue furniture.Hang a gold frame mirror on the wall. Have golden accents in your bedroom to complement the look.

Another way to enhance the look of your bedroom is by combining black and red. Most people think black is dark and will make the bedroom look dull. But black is the color of sophistication.

It helps to keep all the negative energies and thoughts at bay. If you want to give your bedroom a unique and elegant look, consider painting your walls in black color. Have red bedding to give your bedroom a luxurious look.

16. Opt For Unusual Designs

Are you living in a very noisy city? If yes, then the sounds of the vehicle or traffic may interrupt your good night’s sleep. Well, you can consider some unusual designs in your bedroom to get rid of this solution.

For instance, you can have a padded headboard and sideboard walls to dampen the sound waves. It even creates a modern look in your bedroom.

17. Display Your Books

Do you have a lot of books? If yes, display them in your bedroom to give them a nice look.

You can DIY a cute shelf or buy an inexpensive floating shelf from the market. Display the books on the shelf. You can mount the floating shelf just behind the bed. Keep a small artwork even on the floating shelf to create a personalized touch.

Simultaneously, keep a small indoor plant even on the hanging shelf to compliment the look. Try to have white bedding, curtains, and a wooden floor to make your bedroom look modern.

18. Install Decorative Shelves

Displaying art is one of the good ways to modernize your bedroom. But buying large artwork is quite costly. Hanging small artwork in a small bedroom will not look good. In such cases, you can install decorative shelves in your bedroom. You can keep your small artwork and various decor items there.

19. Paint Headboard

If you have a tight budget, opting for a stunning headboard in your bedroom may not be possible. In such cases, you can DIY a headboard and paint it in a beautiful color to modernize your bedroom.

20. Swap Your Light Fixtures

You can change your light fixtures to have a unique and modern look. For example, hang a vintage chandelier or a boho pendant light to look good.

21. Upgrade Your Hardware

The hardware is just like jewelry inside your bedroom. You look gorgeous whenever you wear a large earring or a statement necklace with a simple outfit. Similarly, changing pulls, knobs, nightstands, or dressers in your bedroom can refresh the entire look of your bedroom.

22. Bring In A Tray

Keeping a tray in your bedroom instantly makes the whole room look classy. You can keep a tray on your vanity. Keep a few accessories on the tray, like perfumes, favorite creams, or jewelry.

23. Focus On Blanket

Everyone cannot afford luxurious beddings. In such cases, you can opt for a luxurious throw blanket to make your bedroom look modern.


I have discussed 23 modern ideas for the bedroom. You can implement the above ideas to make your bedroom look elegant, bold, unique, and modern.

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