important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024

4 important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024

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important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024

If you overlook the need for bright kitchen lighting, you are committing a big mistake. It is something that every homeowner should know.

important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024. However, if you have no idea what kind of lighting will suit your kitchen you should take the help of qualified electricians.

Remember that electric handling is not for everyone so whenever you need to handle the lighting for electricity-related tasks you should immediately call experts and lodge a job with them.

First of all, you should understand why kitchen lighting is very important.

Important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024

Home safety

It is a common observation that accidents can often happen in the kitchen, especially if there is no proper lighting. This is because you have to deal with stoves, knives and other cooking tools that may harm you if not properly handled.

Although having other ideas for the kitchen renovation is also something very essential, the importance of proper lighting is also evident.

In other words, we can say that good lighting reduces your chances to get yourself injured while cooking, chopping or cutting the food.

Increase in the aesthetic value

It is no classified that the kitchen is the most functional part of the home and its bad look impacts the overall beauty of the home. With proper lighting, your kitchen will not only look decorated but also aesthetically beautiful.

So it is particularly important for the kitchen which has a very large space and also has living and dining areas.

Why does learning about kitchen lighting matter and how Sunshine Coast electricians can help?

important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024

After a lot of observation and experiences they have come to know that lack of planning often causes problems so if you have not planned about appropriate kitchen lighting and other kitchen renovations, you have to proceed with this step first.

Wiring and circuitry

The problem occurs when people forget to plan the wiring while proceeding with the installation of advanced kitchen lighting.

In most cases, the home and the homeowners try to solve their electrical issues on their own but later they come to know that they need the help of Sunshine Coast electricians for the rewiring and upgrading of electrical circuits.

If you also have no idea about how to install new kitchen lighting, you should take the help of an expert electrician who will provide you with detailed guidance and also help you in the lighting setup.

So the major concern here is that you have to go through the planning phase before you conduct electrical wiring.

Light location

The location of the light also matters because it should be in such a direction that you can see everything clearly, especially when you are cutting or chopping the vegetables.

According to the traditional setups, lighting is central which means that all the lights were in the middle of the kitchen. But the modern kitchen has unique demands regarding the installation of lights throughout the kitchen.

When your lights are spread throughout the area, especially near the cutting boards, oven and sinks, you will be better able to manage the food.

The major reason for spreading the lights is that it will reduce the chances of shadows and make it possible for you to see everything.

What is the difference between ambient, task and accent lighting?

It is important to understand that you can often require more than one type of light as all of them are for different purposes.

Here are the few main types of lights based on their functionality for the kitchen

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Feature

While renovating your kitchen, you have to focus on these three types of lights and figure out which one meets your unique kitchen needs the most.

Ambient lighting

Global or ambient lighting is the one that provides maximum brightness in your kitchen. It includes all the natural light that comes during the day through windows.

The main purpose of the installation of lighting is to improve the level of brightness in your kitchen and it depends on your personal preferences.

For example, if you want to keep your kitchen dark and dim, you can use less bright lighting so that your kitchen will look more spacious and smart.

Task lighting

When different ceiling lights are distributed throughout the kitchen, this type of lighting is known as task lighting. The lighting leaves minimum shadows and increases the ability to perform cutting and chopping tasks more efficiently.

It not only includes adjusted and fitted lights but also includes hanging lights that are present above the kitchen benches, sink tops and other major places where actions take place.

They are entirely different from your main lights. If you want to enjoy the dining experience in your kitchen, it is better to hang task lights above the dining table as well.

Accent lighting

It is a unique way of lighting to show the particular wine and spirits for any other important kitchen branch.

So if your kitchen features anything interesting like an island garden or the group of flowers at a particular corner, you can make this feature more prominent by opting for accent lighting.

The interesting aspect of this type of lighting is that it can take several forms and can have plenty of options that can prime suit your vision.

How are you going to control your lighting?


Have you ever hit the kitchen while entering to drink something or enjoying some snack at night?

Well, you may have a lot of confusion at night, especially when you get injured every time you hit the kitchen at night.

It may happen when you fail to find the light switch in the darkness of the kitchen. Here comes the role of proper strategic planning and choosing the most appropriate and convenient place for the light switch. Moreover, nowadays voice-controlled lights are also available.

Brightness controls

No matter when you enter the kitchen, you may not always need the fully lit and extremely bright kitchen.

During the daytime, the need for lighting is even considered low due to the piercing sun rays that enter through the windows and brighten up the whole kitchen. So the natural light floods from outside. Here the role of lighting adjustment of the internal lighting system of the kitchen comes into the picture.

One simple solution to this problem is having separate switches for different lights so that you can control them easily.

It will also help you to brighten up on the particular region of the kitchen and not the whole area.

We suggest you proceed with all the different types of lights so that you will enjoy more customisation and control over the lighting system.

Along with more control, you will also be able to save a lot of energy and reduce electricity bills by keeping the kitchen less bright during the day.

Important kitchen lighting tips you should know in 2024. So do not forget to implement these tips for better cooking and dining experiences.

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