flowers that look like daisies

5 Flowers That Look Like Daisies

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Are you interested in growing flowers that resemble daisies in your garden? If yes, then the article lists five beautiful flowers that look like daisies.

Daisies have been quite popular all over the World for centuries. They add a pop of color to your backyard. The yellow center of the flowers has a lot of pollen, and hence, it becomes a favorite for most insects. Additionally, there is a lot of space in the flowers where the insects can land on it.

You will find daisies in various colors and sizes. All of them symbolize purity, innocence, and patience.

There are even various flowers in the garden that look almost similar to daisies but have different characteristics.

I have listed here five flowers that look like daisies. You can read the full article to learn about the flowers.

5 Stunning Flowers That Look Like Daisies

Flowers can turn any dull space into bright and beautiful. They look great on vases and at the hedges and borders of your garden.

flowers that look like daisies
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You can plant any of the five stunning flowers that look like daisies.

1. Tickseed

Tickseed is a flowering plant that originates from North and South America. There are more than 100 species of this type of plant, including annuals and perennials. This plant is quite famous for its flowers, which look like daisies.

The flowers can be shades of gold, orange, and red. They bloom from early summer to fall and attract a lot of pollinators to your garden.

The plant requires loamy or sandy soil with neutral PH for proper growth. Additionally, it would help if you planted them in full sunlight so that they will produce flowers profusely. 

New tickseed plants require regular watering, and after that, they become drought-tolerant.  But keep the soil from becoming soggy. We recommend providing regular watering so that it can produce more colorful blooms throughout the season. You only need to feed this plant once the soil is impoverished in nutrients.

2. Mexican Sunflower

flowers that look like daisies
Image Source: gettyimages

Mexican Sunflower is the next flowering plant that originated in Mexico. They grow almost 3-8 feet tall and require full sunlight. It needs sandy, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil for proper growth.

They can tolerate drought throughout their lifecycle. But they cannot survive in wet soil for a long time. If your location has frequent rainfall, planting Mexican sunflowers in well-drained soil is good.

Mexican sunflower plants produce daisies-like flowers in red, orange, and yellow shades. All the flowers have a yellow center, which looks quite attractive. 

The petals are broad and point at the tips. But they turn downward with time. The leaves are dark green and are ovate or triangular. Each plant will bear almost ten flowers, mainly 8cm in diameter. The flowers contain natural and edible seeds.

You need to provide fertilizers at least twice every month so that it will grow well. Again, try to keep an inch gap while planting each Mexican Sunflower for proper air circulation.  Try to put mulch on the base of this plant if you are growing in frosty climates. The mulch will prevent the roots from frost damage.

3. Coneflower

Most gardeners love to grow coneflowers in their gardens. The petals are long and slender and can be of various hues like orange, yellow, red, and deep pink. 

The flowers bloom from summer to fall and beautify your garden. The blooms have a good amount of nectar, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. You can harvest the seeds from these flowers by cutting the flower stalk.

The plant originates from Eastern North America. You can plant them in spring, mainly after the last frost. The seed will germinate in almost two to three weeks. The plant will produce leaves in nearly three months. But it will take almost two years to produce blooms. 

The most popular one is purple coneflower. The plant grows nearly 2-5 feet tall and requires full sunlight for proper growth. The soil must be well drained and should be neutral to slightly acidic.

Coneflower plants are usually drought-resistant. But they will produce more blooms if you provide regular water.

4. Wild Asters

Wild Asters originate from Europe and Asia. The plant grows almost 1-6 feet tall and requires full sunlight for proper growth. The soil should be loamy, well-drained, and neutral to acidic for appropriate development.

Try to provide a good amount of space between the plants so that it will allow the roots to expand.

Try to provide the water regularly to produce more blooms. Always keep the soil moist. Please don’t Keep it cool, as it can hamper the root. The blooms come in numerous colors, like pink, yellow, orange, and cream.

It would help if you cut the dead stalk to promote new growth. It will even help to bloom continuously. You can harvest the seeds when they are entirely ripened. You can then store it in an envelope and keep it in a cool, dark place for planting every year.

5. Painted Daisies

Painted daisies are perennial flowering plants in many parts of the United States. The bloom of this plant is almost identical. It has a circle of beautiful petals with a dense round center. The flowers attract a lot of butterflies to your garden.

It requires 6-8 hours of sunlight for proper growth. Loamy or sandy soil with good drainage is suitable for painted daisies. The plant prefers to grow in temperate climates. 

They don’t grow well in too hot or too cold temperatures. You have to provide fertilizer after the first bloom.

The plant grows almost 2-3 feet tall. They grow very fast and can handle draught only for a certain period.

You can sow seeds indoors four weeks before the last frost. The seeds will germinate within three weeks. You can then plant them outside. The flowers usually bloom in summer and come in shades like pink and purple, with yellow at the center.


Are you dreaming about daisies? But why should you stick to one color? You can grow many flowers in your garden that look almost like daisies.

Growing such flowers in your garden can help in uplifting your lousy mood. I have listed five gorgeous flowers that look like daisies. You can produce any of them and share your feedback with us.

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