House And Deck Color Combinations Ideas

House And Deck Color Combinations Ideas

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Installing a deck can be fun for you and your family. However, selecting the wrong color or material can make your deck look like a disaster. The article lists below various house and deck color combinations ideas that can help to enhance your outdoor space.

The deck is an essential place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. You will feel connected with nature. Simultaneously, it increases the resale value of your home.

The color of your deck will depend on numerous factors, such as the color of your existing home, the material, the level of usage, and the landscape surrounding your deck.

The article lists seven house and deck color combinations ideas. So, you can dive into this article to learn more about the right combination of house and deck  and enhance your home’s outdoor space.

Tips To Choose Deck Colour That Compliments With Your Home

1. Consider Your Deck Material

You need to think about the deck material before choosing the color.


Two types of wood material can be used in your deck, i.e., treated(chemically processed to resist insects) and untreated wood(Natural form of wood and not chemically processed). You can paint on both types of wood. But it’s pretty simple to paint on untreated wood.

Remember, if you have pressure-treated wood, then it needs to be thoroughly dry before you start painting. Also, try using latex paint instead of oil paint for pressure-treated wood.

PVC and Vinyl

PVC and vinyl are not good for painting purposes.


The painting of composite decks depends on whether it’s capped or uncapped. You cannot paint capped composite decks. But you can paint uncapped decks. Try to do sanding and apply primer before applying paint to uncapped composite decks.

2. Choose According To Your Climate And Landscape

Light colored Decks

If you are staying in a warm climate then it’s better to choose light-colored decks. They will deflect sunrays, and your deck will remain cool.

PVC, Vinyl And Composite Decks

If you are staying in rainy or snowy areas, then it’s good to choose PVC, vinyl, or composite material decks. It is because they are more resistant to water in comparison to wood.

Match Your Landscape

You can match the deck according to your landscape. For instance, if you stay in woody areas, a natural and rich wood deck will look good. Similarly, if you are staying near the beach, you can choose natural colors like white and blue.

3. Choose A Color According To Your House

You should always choose the color for your deck that will match the style and color of your house.

You want a deck that should be the perfect extension of your house. Many experts suggest that you must choose the color of the deck according to the color painted inside your house.

If you paint white, you must invest extra time in cleaning and maintaining the deck.

House And Deck Colour Combinations Ideas

House And Deck Color Combinations Ideas
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1. Deck Color For Tan House

Tan is a neutral color and one of the most popular choices of most houseowners. It can go almost with any color.

But if you want to give your deck a traditional color, then it’s good to choose a dark color like rustic brown. Choose a light grey color for your deck to give it a modern touch.

While choosing the color, you must also look for undertones, i.e., warm or cool. For example, if you have a cool undertone tan color on your house, choose a cool undertone grey color for your deck to look good.

2. Blue House And Light Grey Deck

Do you have blue color doors and shutters? Do you have blue siding on your house? If yes, you can choose a light grey deck to create a relaxing atmosphere outside your home. It establishes a mimic of ocean and sand and creates a beachy atmosphere.

3. White House And Dark Brown Deck

You will commonly find white color houses. It goes well with a dark brown color deck. The combination creates a sophisticated, elegant, and finished look at the outdoors. You can use white railing to give a harmonious look.

4. Light Brown House And Dark Red Deck

Do you want to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere in your outdoor space? If yes, combine a light brown house with a dark red deck.

The light brown house will depict the natural surroundings, and the dark red deck will add richness to the entire look of your home.

5. Yellow House And Dark Brown Deck

Yellow houses are very rare but look quite beautiful. If you have a bright yellow house, you can choose a dark brown deck to give it a classy look. But if you have a light yellow color house, choose natural wood with a gold color palette to look great.

You can keep some white or blue color furniture to give a cheerful and inviting atmosphere for you and your friends and relatives.

6. Grey House And Tan Deck

Grey houses are usually not common. But if you have grey sliding then you have a scope to create a visually striking atmosphere.

You can choose a dark grey or black color for your deck if you have a light grey house to create a contrasting atmosphere. But if you have a dark grey house, then choose light tan shades for your deck to create a wonderful atmosphere.

7. Warm Beige House And Dark Grey Deck

You can pair your warm beige color house with a dark grey color deck to create a modern atmosphere outside your house. This combination creates an elegant, sophisticated look and will never go out of style.


Adding a deck to your home can inspire you to spend more time outdoors with your loved one. Picking colors for your deck involves quite a bit of fun.

 However, selecting the improper color will not look good. You need to choose a color for your deck that compliments the color of your house and its design. We have listed seven house and deck color combinations ideas and hope the information is helpful.

Happy Painting!

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