Interior design craftsman style

Interior Design Craftsman Style

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Interior design craftsman style is quite popular today. The style evolved at the end of the 20th century in America.

The warm and inviting feeling starts from the outside of the house. It features wood trim, front porches, and columns supporting the front part of the room.

The interior of these homes possesses a unique and timeless charm. The homes are pretty spacious and showcase various natural and handicraft materials.

These style homes capture the heart of many Interior designers and house owners. There is a huge demand for this style in the modern architectural World.

I have listed down 17 interior design craftsman-style ideas. So, keep reading this article to explore these ideas.

Interior Design Craftsman Style Ideas

Interior design craftsman style
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Imagine you step into a home that feels warm and inviting. The meticulous craftsmanship and natural materials everywhere in the house look pretty classy. It is the essence of craftsman-style interior design.

Let’s dive into the World of craftsman-style interior design. Here are decor ideas you can use in your home.

1. Use Natural Materials in The Exterior

The exterior of the craftsmanship house boasts natural beauty. It includes various natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. The natural materials are pretty simple to clean and restrict fewer building resources. You can use such materials to build your home to have craftsman-style decor.

2. Open Floor Plan

Craftsmanship homes usually have open floor plans. You can use this idea in heavy-traffic areas like dining and living rooms. It will even help the room to look larger.

3. Wooden Trim

Craftsman homes are well known for their wooden trim at the doors and windows. You can use this idea to elevate your house. Most houseowners prefer to have bare wood trim. Others paint the bare wood off-white to improve the room’s look.

4. Built-In Units

Old craftsmanship home features built-in units in various areas of the home. You can add these features to the dining room, living area, or fireplace. They serve as extra storage space in your home.

You can store books, toys, and rarely-used things inside the built-in units. They can even help in making your room charming and unique.

5. Double Hanging Windows

Traditional craftsmanship homes feature double-hanging windows. They had separate glass panes for both the top and bottom windows. You can incorporate such ideas into the windows of your house.

They add aesthetic appeal and provide a good amount of ventilation to your home. The windows do not project outwards. So, it lessens the chances of accidents in traffic areas like patios.

6. Wooden Columns

Wooden columns are another good feature of an old craftsmanship home. They are usually square or tapered. You can have wooden columns on the house’s exterior or interior. They not only provide structural support but also give an elegant look to your home.

7. Exposed Beams

Exposed beams on the room’s ceiling can make you feel cozy and make the room appear larger. It even adds a rustic touch to your house.

8. Overhanging Eaves

Overhanging eaves were quite common in traditional craftsmanship homes. They consist of natural materials like stone, which add beauty to the exterior. They even help to release water from the walls, particularly in wet regions. You can incorporate such an idea while making your house.

9. Fireplace

The fireplace is an essential feature of the interior design craftsman style. You can have a stone fireplace in your living room. The fireplace can have a wooden mantel. You can keep various figurines and decorations on it.

10. Window Seats

Interior design craftsman style
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Craftsmanship-style interior design usually has large windows. You can create window seats to optimize the space. Make it cozy by placing some cushions on it. You can view outside or read books just by sitting on your window seats. The large windows will even allow a lot of natural light to enter your home.

11. House Colors

Most craftsmanship-style home interiors use natural color palettes like rich browns and green.

You can incorporate such colors in your house. It compliments the natural wood elements inside your house. This color palette will create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere inside your home.

12. Wooden Walls And Floors

You can have wooden panels on the walls and floor of your house. It gives an essence of craftsmanship decor style. You can use local woods like redwood to make the panel. These wooden panels will add a rustic touch to your house.

13. Covered Porch With Pillars

A covered porch with pillars is the next important feature of a craftsman-style home. A covered porch even allows you to have gatherings with your friends or family. You can enjoy nature by sitting inside your covered porch during rain.

The pillars are usually square, making a craftsmanship style different from a bungalow. The pillars are half-height columns and rest on the stone.

14. Stained Glass

You can have stained glass windows in your living room or front door. They reflect the actual art in a craftsman style home.

15. Simple And Functional Furniture

You can have simple and functional furniture inside your house. They often have simple lines and minimal ornamentation. You can have furniture made from solid wood like oak and cherry. It gives an elegant look to your room.

16. Have Atisan Lightning

Artisan lighting fixtures are another important craftsmanship style decor. You can havve lightning fixtures made by skilled craftsman inside your house. It gives a warm look to your home.

17. Intricate Wood Work

Have detailed woodwork on doors, fireplace mantels, and cabinets. It enhances the look of your house. The detailing work on the wood showcases the talent of skilled artisans.


Interior design Craftsman style decor ideas are one of the top ways to make your home look spacious. The fine wooden work and artisan lighting can make your house a warm and inviting place. You can incorporate any of the above ideas in your home.

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