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Japanese Home Decor Ideas (2024)

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Japanese home decor is popular for its simplicity and comfort. It characterizes clean lines, natural materials, and spaces between two objects.

Home interior design has been changing tremendously for many years. House owners prefer natural materials over artificial materials. Choose Japanese interior decor if you want an open, simple, and organic style.

The article lists some Japanese home decor ideas. You can keep on reading this article to explore these ideas.

Japanese Home Decor Ideas

japanese home decor
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1. Japanese Color Palette

A neutral color palette is common in most Japanese homes. They usually prefer cream, white, black or tan color.

Neutral colors are usually simple, relaxing, and look visually appealing. You can paint the walls of your home with neutral hues to have a Japanese-style home. If you wish to have a bold color in your home, paint it on an accent wall to look good.

2. Introduce White Color

Japanese people have a special love for the color white. Have you ever wondered why spas or saloons have a tremendous amount of white color in cabinets or walls?

White can create a peaceful atmosphere. You can reflect the Japanese style in your house by incorporating white color in cabinets, hinged doorways, walls, and many more. Try to have skylights or some glass windows inside the room so that a lot of natural light can enter.

White creates an illusion of a larger space and can even do mind relations.

3. Japanese Lantern

Japanese lanterns are the most distinctive item in most Japanese homes. It gives an elegant look to the space. 

Modern lanterns are not hung up. They are usually placed above the low tables in a living room. Traditional Japanese lanterns are generally square. But now you can find them in cylinders and twisting shapes.

Wood and fabric are the two primary materials that artisans use to make Japanese lanterns. You can have such lanterns in your home to have an essence of Japanese interior decor.

4. Japan Furniture Design

Japanese people don’t have alot of furniture in their houses. But whatever furniture they have in their home is quite simple and looks stunning. They give a timeless appeal to the house.

For nice decor, you can even have a Japanese sofa or Japanese chairs inside your home.

5. Use Open Spaces

japanese home decor
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A Japanese home always has a lot of open spaces, even if it’s a small room. They arrange their furniture items on two or three walls of the room. The rest of the space in the living room remains open and decluttered. They select simple furniture that rests on the floor. 

For example, Japanese people choose large cabinets, chest drawers, or tables with many cubbies. These furniture items will help keep necessary items and the space uncluttered.

6. Shoji Screen

japanese home decor
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Shoji screen can be used as a room divider, door, or window. A shoji screen usually consists of a wooden frame. The artisans further line it with wicker, fabric, or rice paper.

You can have this shoji screen for a perfect Japanese item inside your home. It will give a traditional touch and become a stunning room divider inside your house.

7. Bonsai Tree

japanese home decor
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Most of the Japanese homes have bonsai trees. You can have this tree to have a purifying atmosphere at home. It even helps in reducing your stress. 

Nothing is great in caring for a bonsai tree after a long, tiring day. Its natural beauty is quite admiring. 

But remember, every Bonsai tree has its design. The leaf color even varies according to the species. 

For example, red maple bonsai will have red leaves, while juniper bonsai will have fresh green leaves. So consider which species you want to grow while purchasing a bonsai tree.

8. Noren Curtains

Japanese people usually use Noren curtains on their doorways. You must have seen these curtains while visiting any Japanese hotel, resort, or shop.

The Noren curtains have artistic designs like natural scenery, lively animals, or Japanese characters. You can use these curtains at the entrance of your home to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

9. Consider Japanese Wallpaper

You can have rice wallpaper in your living room to have a fusion of Japanese interior decor. Add some darkwood furniture with a large coffee table in the center.

Try to always be minimalistic in furniture. Keep a lot of open spaces in your living room to have a complete Japanese-style living room.

10. Wall Folding Fan

Wall folding fan is a fashion accessory in most Japanese homes. It even helps to beat the scorching heat in the summer months.

The artisans make these wall-folding fans from bamboo and then cover them with washi paper or silk. Have a fan in your bedroom to have an essence of Japanese interior decor.

11. Have Genkan Style Entryways

You can have Genkan-style entryways to have a perfect Japanese decor. Most Japanese homes have a small passage outside the entrance of the door. The people have to remove their outside footwear and then enter the house.

I suggest you wear footwear in the Genkan. You can lay some attractive rugs or natural colors on the entrance of your house to have a perfect Japanese-style entry. Another great option is to have tatami mats or some Japanese plants on the entryways to look good.

12. Never Forget About Huge Bathtubs

Most people love to enjoy soaking in a cool bathtub. You can also have a large bathtub in your bathroom to mimic the Japanese-style decor. You can soak there for a long period and have relaxation. 

But if your bathtub is small, consider a tub of larger depth. Keep the rest of the area clean and simple.

Traditional bathtubs in Japan were made from wood. But modern designs have now evolved, consisting of marble or ceramics.

13. Floor Sofa

Floor sofa is the next aspect of Japanese home decor. They don’t have legs like normal chairs but have a back. Hence, they help people have good posture. One popular Japanese chair is Zaisu, which is good for health. You can pair this chair with tatami mats and kotatsu tables for a complete Japanese look.

14. Glass Screens

Glass sliding panels or screens can be dividers between your room. It even helps create a cozy space.

15. Japanese Kitchen

Japanese kitchens are small, neat, clean, and organized. The cabinets are streamlined and made from light wood.


If you wish for Jappanese-style home decor, I have listed almost 15 ideas. You can utilize these ideas to create perfect Japanese home decor that looks elegant and sophisticated.

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