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Modern Black Brick Fireplace Ideas To Create A Bold Statement

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Are you thinking of remodelling your old brick fireplace? If yes, consider painting it with black to create a striking design. I have listed 15 modern black brick fireplace ideas to give a modern look to any room.

The black brick fireplace is a fantastic decoration idea. You don’t need to spend much money to create this decor. Try to use black paint on your fireplace that can withstand a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

A black brick fireplace can be an eye-catching contrast if you paint the room’s walls with light or neutral shades. Bricks are usually porous. They can absorb moisture when wet. So you must clean and dry them properly for at least 24 hours.

 You can then apply primer and paint to it. The black paint on the brick place will create a striking look and cosy feeling.

15 Modern Brick Fireplace Ideas To Create A Bold Statement

black brick fireplace ideas
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1. Elegant Brick Fireplace

For an extraordinary decoration feature, you can have black tiles with a black brick fireplace in your living room. Have a black chair on the side of it. This idea is perfect for those people who want a decoration near their fireplace.

Well, you can decorate the black brick fireplace occasionally. For instance, you can keep some pumpkins near the fireplace during Halloween. You can keep some artificial palm trees during Christmas time to look stunning.

2. Vintage Brick Fireplace

You can mount a unique artwork over your black brick fireplace to create a vintage look. You can keep an indoor plant or a steel side table to look good.

3. Wood Mantel

Adding a rough wood mantel to your black brick fireplace can create a bold look. This idea is mainly for homeowners who want a sophisticated and bold look on their interior. You can display a big mirror, a glass vase with tall greeneries, a small artwork frame, and a big rectangular mirror on the rough wooden mantle. Adding one or two candle holders with a chrome finish will create a more interesting look.

4. Asymmetric Style

You can have a black brick fireplace from floor to ceiling. The sleek brick fireplace should touch the wooden ceiling. Keep two round flower pots of black color on the top of the fireplace hearth.

Keep live plants and wooden shelves with many books on the side of the fireplace to create a stunning look.

5. Chic White Tiles

Modern black brick fireplaces can have chic white tiles in front of it. Simultaneously, you can have a wood mantel on the brick fireplace to keep some decor items. For example, keep a big candle on the mantle to match the chic white tiles.

You can hang a painting of scenery on the white walls. Try to hang the painting just on the side of the fireplace. Additionally, keep a white chair nearer to the black fireplace to sit and enjoy, mainly in the chill of winter.

6. Wood And Plants

You can have a black brick fireplace with a rough wooden mantle. You can only put indoor green plants on the wood mantle. You can have a tall indoor plant on a pot beside the fireplace.

Keep the wooden logs on one side of the black brick fireplace to create a natural beauty. Additionally, don’t forget to decorate some stylish accessories on the walls to look good.

7. White Color Mantel With Round Mirror

You can have a black brick fireplace with a white color mantel. Keep a gold frame with a big round mirror on the white mantle. Additionally, you can keep a flower vase and candle to create a sophisticated look.

8. Massive Black Brick Fireplace

The massive matte black brick fireplace with a few decor items can create an expansive living room focal point. You have wood piles on the side of the black fireplace to add color to your living room. Simultaneously, keep a black sofa with one or two wooden chairs to look good.

9. Lemon Color Cushion And Black Fireplace

You can have a comfortable chair with a color cushion around your black brick fireplace to create a contrasting look. Keep the decor of your black fireplace as minimal as possible. You can hang a picture frame on the mantle.

Simultaneously, keep the mug and other stylish accessories on the wall shelf near your black fireplace.

10. Elegant TV Area

The elegant TV area features a black brick fireplace. You can have a black couch and pattern rug to create a bold and elegant look in your living area. Keep a round rattan coffee table to give a unique look. You can keep some indoor plants near the black fireplace. 

11. Industrial Setting

Do you want to create an industrial-style dining space? If yes, you should not hesitate to paint your brick fireplace black. The black brick firewalls and wooden floor design will create a nice look.

Hang old-fashioned pendant lights over your dining table. The faux antler head on the brick fireplace mantle fireplace creates additional texture.

12. Add a Lot Of Figurines

Adding a couple of owl figurines to your black brick fireplace can have an eerie effect on the room. You can keep more figurines that match the owl figurines on your brick fireplace. Simultaneously, you can hang a round frame mirror just over the mantle to look good.

13. Hexagonal Tiles And Black Brick Fireplace

The hexagonal tiles with black brick fireplace create a perfect focal point on your living area. You can keep a few books, a big round mirror and a flower vase on the mantle. The decor will work wonders if you have a white backdrop and wooden flooring in your living area.

14. Fall Theme Fireplace

You can paint your brick fireplace black in color. Have a fall theme on your black fireplace to create a fantastic look. For instance, you can keep some potted plants, white pumpkins and a simple garland to create a fall theme look.

15. Black Fireplace And White Brick Wall

You can have a black fireplace surrounded by white brick walls to create a sophisticated look. Simultaneously, keep an indoor plant pot on a pile of magazines to create a personalized look.


Modern black brick fireplace ideas can create a cozy and warm ambiance in your room. This decor idea can go with almost any home interior. I have discussed 15 modern black brick fireplace ideas to create a sophisticated look in your dwelling. You can adopt any of the ideas to transform the look of your dwelling.

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