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New Orleans Interior Design Style In (2024)

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Are you craving for a space that sings the soul of New Orleans? If yes, this article lists various New Orleans Interior design style ideas.

New Orleans is the most historical and culturally fascinating city in the United States. It is a city of mystery and magic. The city welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

You cannot bring New Orleans back to your home. But it’s possible to infuse your space with its style.

New Orleans interior design is not just about aesthetics. It’s a celebration of rich history and joie de vivre.

Most homeowners imagine outdoor spaces in New Orleans homes with cast iron railings and lush landscaping. But the interiors are even unique and captivate the heart of anyone coming to your house. Let’s dive into the article to find some of the  New Orleans Interior design style ideas.

New Orleans Interior Design Style Ideas In 2024

Imagine entering a space with jewel-tone walls decorated with wrought iron accents. The sunlight dances on the exposed brick walls and natural fibre rugs.

The elements from Mardi Gras add a pop of color to the space. These are all the essence of New Orleans home decor.

This article is for you if you would love to create such an interior design style. I have listed down a few New Orleans Interior design style ideas.

Your home is a blank canvas. You can read the ideas below for creating a New Orleans-style home.

new orleans interior design style
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1. Dining Room

You can design the dining room with New Orleans style to create a warm feeling for your guests. Cover all the four walls of the dining room with mural paintings. The paintings can have green and brown tones to complement the rest of the decor.

The bronze curtains cover the floor-to-ceiling French doors of your dining room. The curtains have clean pleats at the top and a slight puff at the bottom of the door. French dining chairs surround the dining table. A candlelight chandelier hangs over the dining table.

2. Antique And Vintage Things

You will find many antique stores and vintage shops in New Orleans. Collect vintage items and keep them on open shelves or the fireplace mantel. It will not only reflect New Orleans history but also showcase your style.

3. Chandeliers Dripping With Crystal

In most of the New Orleans homes you can find chandeliers dripping with crystal. You can incorporate such chandeliers in your dining room or bedroom to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

4. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a timeless material that adds elegance to the room. You can incorporate wrought iron in furniture, railings, and light fixtures to create the essence of New Orleans’s decor.

5. Kitchen

You can have a kitchen separated from the entertaining areas. Have warm beige walls and ceiling in your kitchen with a limestone countertop. Add old French bistro-style barstools to create a New Orleans decor.

6. Arches

Arches are quite popular architectural detail in New Orleans. You can incorporate it into your house to add a touch of elegance to the space.

7. Bring Festival Elements To Your Home

New Orleans is a city which loves to celebrate various festivals. You can incorporate multiple elements from favourite festivals like Jazz Fest or Mardi Gras. The elements can be almost anything from colouful beads to musical instruments.

8. Antique Mirrors

You can hang antique mirrors on the walls of your living room or just over the fireplace mantel. It will give a vintage touch to the room. The mirror even helps to illuminate the space. It creates an illusion of more space in the room.

9. Exposed Brick Walls

You can expose brick walls in your living room or bedroom. It will add a touch of history to the room.

10. Gliding And Tufting

Design details like gliding and tufting on various elements in your home will reflect the history of Paris, France.

11. Hurricane Shutters

Have hurricane shutters in your house to create an essence of New Orleans decor. It even adds a touch of beauty to the exterior of the house.

12. High Back Chairs

High-back chairs are the next feature of New Orleans style. You can use various fabrics and finishes on the high-back chairs to make them look good.

13. French Quarter Balcony

Some house owners don’t have French Quarter balconies. But you can still bring the feeling of the French quarter indoors. You can use a wrought iron as a room divider or a decor element.

14. Stain Concrete Floors

Stain concrete floors is quite common in New Oreland homes. They are durable and give a stylish look to the house. You can incorporate this idea to provide a New Oreland essence. You can leave the concrete floor as it is or polish it to give a rustic look.

15. Color

Use vibrant colors to look like a New Orleans home. You can use emerald green, sapphire blue or jewel-tone colors to give a modern touch to the house. Incorporate pops of color through pillows and artwork.

16. Classical Urns

Keep classical urns inside your house to have a New Oreland style. Fill it with ferns and tropicals to give it a green look.


I have listed a few ideas for New Orleans interior design style.The above ideas will cherish the past and reflect the love for the city in your house.

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