Is Gardening a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity that you enjoy doing in your leisure time. Different people have different hobbies according to their tastes. But is gardening a hobby? Yes, gardening is a hobby. It gives you immense joy when you nurture plants in your hand. You can pluck fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden. Gardening […]

A Guide To Vegetable Gardening in Arizona

Gardening comes with various health benefits. You can enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables every year. However, gardening in Arizona comes with various challenges. Lower elevation regions in Arizona have warm temperatures almost throughout the year. But with proper knowledge, you can grow various vegetables in Arizona. Challenges Of Vegetable Gardening In Arizona 1. Heat […]

A Guide To Roof Top Gardening

Planting various trees in big cities helps to improve air quality. However, the lack of enough space and the high price of land make it challenging to increase city parks. A rooftop garden is a landscaped green space created by humans on top of a residential building or apartment. You can grow fruits and vegetables […]

What Does Squash Leaves Look Like?

Squash plants produce nutritious fruit. Are you curious to know what does squash leaves look like? You can recognize them by their broad-shaped leaves and textured surfaces. Squash is the name given to several plant species belonging to the Cucurbita genus. All the squash varieties are classified under summer and winter squash. Summer squash produces […]

When To Plant Strawberries In NC?

North Carolina is one of the leading producers of juicy strawberries in the United States. But when to plant strawberries in NC? It depends on where you reside in North Carolina. It’s quite gratifying to pluck your homegrown bright red strawberries and eat them. Most people have a myth that they cannot harvest a lot […]

Do Deers Eat Sweet potatoes?

Do deers eat sweet potatoes? Most people are confused with the deer eating habits, their likes and dislikes. The presence of a deer in the woodland and garden evokes a sense of beauty. Deer are herbivores, i.e., they only consume plant matter to survive. Deers become very active during the nighttime. But you can see […]

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