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18 Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas That Add Spice To Your Home

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Resting near a fireplace on a cold autumn evening is pretty soothing. But snuggling up next to your fireplace with a cozy blanket and a warm cup of tea will look much good with fall fireplace decor.

Most homeowners have their fireplace in their living room. It becomes a gathering place for friends and families. So, most homeowners decorate their fireplace to become a focal point.

You can make your fireplace look extra special during fall. Add stylish autumn accessories to create a visual interest.

The article lists some of the beautiful fall fireplace decor ideas. So, keep reading this article to know more about it.

18 Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas

fall fireplace decor
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Plenty of fall fireplace decor ideas can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Let’s dive into some ideas for your fireplace decor this fall.

1. Have Rainbow Pumpkin Mantel

Fall is a season of gorgeous colors. You can keep beautiful painted rainbow pumpkins on the mantel of your fireplace. Have a small leaf garland just below it.

2. Add A Wreath

Adding a large round wreath over the fireplace is one of the easiest ways to decorate it. You can keep some pumpkins, small bottles, or a small vase on the mantel of fireplace to compliment the look.

3. Have a Pile Of Candles

You can have a pile of candles on your fireplace mantle. Try to match the candles according to the color of your fireplace. Candles will surely enhance the look and lighten your room.

4. Decorate With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are usually available during the fall season. So take advantage of it and decorate pumpkins on the mantel and the floor of your fireplace. We recommend decorating fake pumpkins so that they last long. You can even use those pumpkins for fireplace decor in the fall season in upcoming years.

5. Focus On Artwork

You can keep artwork over the mantel to create an elegant look. Try to have an art piece that gives the vibe of falltime, like cornfields, farmhouses, and trees. Throw some neutral color pumpkins on the mantel to complete the overall look.

6. Bring Nature Inside

You can have artwork on the centre of the mantel. Keep some pitchers on the side filled with flowers, twigs, or colorful leaves.

7. Decorate In Holidays

Most homeowners love to decorate their fireplaces, especially on Thanksgiving or Halloween.

If you decorate your fireplace for Thanksgiving, throw some colourful candles on your white mantel. You can have some pots with orange or green flowers in them. Decor the entire fireplace with orange or green color leaves. Try to buy a signage to put on the mantel.

8. Add Candles And Mirror

You can have a large oval mirror in the centre of the mantel. You can have some beautiful lights throughout the mantel to elevate the look. You may keep some candles on the sides of the mirror.Add some fake plants and pumpkins to complete the overall look.

9. Decor With Pear Branches

You can use pears and their branches to decorate your entire fireplace. Keep a mirror in the centre of the mantel. Keep some candles on one side of the mirror. You can keep a golden vase with pears and pear branches on the other side.

10. Decor With a DIY Swag

You can have a DIY swag just above the fireplace mantle. Making a swag is relatively simple. You need to collect an old pine board and drill holes in it.

The holes should be big enough to feed the rope inside. The rope thickness will depend on your personal preferences.

Create a triangular shape and hang it just above the mantel. You can keep pampas grass, leaf bushel, and some green branches on the pine board to have a nature-like feel inside the home. Throw some white, green, and orange pumpkins on the floor and the mantel to have a pleasant and eye-catching look.

11. Use Scented Candles

You can have some fall-scented candles on the mantel of your fireplace. Have a letter board even on the mantel sharing some heartfelt message or a joke. Layer it with faux and real pumpkins, one or two vintage books, and a fall garland to complete the look.

12. Decorate The Hearth And Mantel Of Your Fireplace

You can have a large farmhouse sign and small accent pieces in neutral and earth tones on the mantel of your white fireplace.

Decorate the white hearth with a small bundle of wood and some white pumpkins. Have a white color pot along with grass and twigs and keep it above the hearth.

13. Have A Square Fall Wreath

Most people think that they can have only circular wreaths. But no, you can have a wreath of a square shape and hang it just over the fireplace mantel. Throw some faux and real pumpkins on the mantle to complete the overall decor.

14. Dont Forget About Wheat

You can have a large signboard sharing heartfelt quotes on the top of the mantle. Use a small vase and add bundles of wheat on both sides of the signboard to create a rustic and natural feel. If you stay in a location with plenty of real wheat, don’t be afraid of decorating them.

15. Strange And Frightening Spiders

If you are not frightened of spiders, tack some spooky spiders just above your fireplace. Hang a round mirror just above the mantel. To complement the look, you can even tack a few paper fans pained in autumn colours above the fireplace.

Keep some candles on the mantel to look good.

16. Oil Painting And Brass Candles

You can hang an oil painting of autumnal hues just above the fireplace. Simultaneously, keep some brass candles, pinecone garland and creamy gourds on the mantel to compliment the entire look.

17. Decorate With Pumpkins And Plants

You can decorate the mantel with orange and white pumpkins along with a few indoor plants. Simultaneously, keep two adorable chairs on the side of the fireplace. Throw lovely pillows on it. It will create a visual interest.

18. Take Advantage Of Chalkboard

You can write some beautiful message on a chalkboard and place it on the mantel. Simultaneously decorate the mantel and hearth with orange pumpkins. You can have a white pot with natural grass, twigs or leaves and keep it just above the hearth. It will create an eye-catching look.


I have listed 18 fall fireplace decor ideas above and hope you like them. You can utilize any of the ideas to make your fireplace a focal point of the room.

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