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10 Latest Metal Roofing Color Ideas

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The right metal roofing color increases the aesthetic value of the house.

Are you renovating your roof? If so, you must choose the roofing material and its color wisely. Choosing the roofing material is relatively simple. But what about the roofing color?

Most homeowners prefer metal roofs as they are durable and energy efficient. They are a blank canvas and you can paint anything to express your unique style.

There are hundreds of metal roofing color options. Choosing the top one among them is pretty challenging. But you don’t worry. I have listed down ten metal roofing color ideas. You can select one among them, and I am sure you will love it for decades.

10 Latest Metal Roofing Color Ideas

metal roofing color
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1. White Metal Roofs

White metal roofs provide a clean and crisp look to your house. It reflects sunlight and helps to keep your home cool in hot, scorching summer. A white metal roof will help create a light and airy atmosphere.

You can pair it with blue, grey, or beige siding. You can use accents of dark colors like black to make it look outstanding.

Have green outdoors to create a bright and cheerful look.

2. Black And Grey Metal Roof

The black and grey metal roof combination will never go out of style. Combine it with white color sliding to create a contrasting look. Pair it with black accents to give it an eye-catching look. You can have brick or stone columns to make it more visually appealing.

3. Dark Brown Metal Roof

If you wish to have a rustic and country-style home, then it’s prime to choose a dark brown metal roof. It will create a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Grow native plants and trees outdoors in your house to make it more visually appealing.

4. Subtle Blue Metal Roof

If you wish to add a unique color to the metal roof, you can choose blue. It is perfect for a coastal-style home. You can choose light or dark blue shades to create a refreshing look. For example, choose a light blue shade and white sliding to create a serene design. Use water features like fountains and ponds to compliment the look.

5. Festive Red Metal Roof

You need a metal roofing color that you will never miss seeing. For example, it has a bright red metal roof to look charming. It even adds a festive look at Christmas time. Combine red roof with classic white or beige trim to look good.

6. Black

Black is a bold color and will add drama to your roof. But don’t have a black color roof in hotter climates. It is because they absorb heat, and you will feel warmer.

7. Green Metal Roof

Metal roofs are famous for their eco-friendly nature. They combine it with solar panels and a lush green shade to look good. In 2024, most house owners prefer to have green metal roofs. You can combine it with neutral color sliding like beige or cream and copper trims. It will blend beautifully with it and create a fantastic look.

8. Copper

Most homeowners prefer to use copper shade. It is a beautiful color and will add timeless beauty and elegance to the home’s exterior.

9. Purple

Purple is a bold and unexpected color. Use this color on your metal roof to have a luxurious exterior to your home.

10. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey is one of the timeless options on your metal roof. It will look great with a variety of sliding colors.

What Are The Advantages of Painting Metal Roofs?

1. Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Do you have a metal roof? If yes, then you need to paint the metal roof to enhance the home’s exterior appearance. A fresh coat of paint can give a refreshing look to the entire house. I suggest you always choose the metal roof paint appropriately to blend with the house’s architectural style.

2. Added Weather Protection

Metal roofs are usually durable and resilient. However, a proper roofing color can protect your roof against weather elements like rain and harsh sunlight.

3. Energy Efficient

Specific metal roofing colors can reflect heat and lessen ultraviolet rays on the roof. They will even help to keep your house more relaxed during the warm summer months.

What Are The Limitations of Painting A Metal Roof?

1. Does Not Provide Much Protection

You may have leaks on your metal roof with time. Painting cannot repair your leaks. It can only change the look of your house.

2. Fading And Chipping

The metal roofing color can fade or have chipping with time. It can happen because of exposure to weather elements like excess sun and rain.

Factors To Assess Before Painting A Metal Roof

1. Check The Condition Of The Roof

You need to check the condition of the metal roof thoroughly. If there are any leaks, then you should first repair it.

Remember that a clean, well-repaired roof is the top to adhere any paint.

2. Check The Weather Conditions

You need to assess the weather conditions of your locality. Excess heat, rain, or high humidity have a negative impact on the lifespan of the paint.You must choose a paint entirely suitable for your locality’s weather conditions.


Metal roofing color can increase the exterior beauty of the house. But you must remember a few things, like always select  the roofing colors that suit your climatic conditions.

Again, the surface area plays a vital role in determining the cost. Larger metal roofs require more paint and involve more labor than smaller metal roofs.

I have discussed ten metal roofing colors and hope you like them.

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