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How To Use Outdoor LED Strips Lights?

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Do you wish to create a well-lighted outdoor space that can enhance the exterior of your house? If so, then you can count on outdoor LED strip lights.

Earlier, most of the house owners had incandescent lights and CFL lights for lighting in their houses. But now LED lights are taking dominance over them.

LED lights are energy-efficient, versatile, and cost-effective. It can significantly save your electricity bills. They offer bright light and a lot of customizability. LED strip lights are flexible ribbons with many LED lights on them. 

You can use the LED strip lights in various places like above or under the cabinets, bar counter, doorways, stairs, windows, and garden pathways. You can use the outdoors of your house to increase the visual appeal.

If you wish to buy outdoor LED strip lights, look for the IP rating number. Try to purchase an IP rating of at least 66, which indicates light will not get damaged by any adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, and harsh sunlight.

An outdoor LED strip light can last for 4-7 years. However, it’s not advisable to switch it on for 24 hours. You can switch on the whole night to have a nice outdoor ambiance.

What Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Outdoor LED strip lights can give a modern and stylish look to your house. It is a flexible circuit board with a lot of LED lights. They are 10-12mm in width and are up to 16 feet in length or more. These strips can be cut as per your requirement with the help of scissors. 

The back side of the outdoor strip light has double-sided adhesive. Hence, you can stick it on various outdoor surfaces in your home. But when you don’t require it, then you can peel it from the surface.

What Factors To Consider While Buying Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

There are various factors that you have to consider while buying LED strip lights.

1. Consider Its Lumen Output

The brightness of outdoor LED strip lights is measured in lumens. If you want mood lighting, then you require 100-300 lumens per square foot.

You want brighter light if you are purchasing outdoor LED strip lights for mood lighting.

2. Color

The outdoor LED strip light comes in a variety of colours, like single-colour and colour-changing lights.

3. Length

The LED strip light is available in various lengths. You need to buy the strip length according to your desired coved area.

We recommend you buy a longer LED strip light so that you can cut it to the desired length.

4. Power Supply

Most LED strip lights will require a low-voltage power supply. You must have a power supply that suits the LED strip lights well.

5. Adhesive Backing

Most of the outdoor LED strip lights will have adhesive backing at the time of buying. But if you wish to install the lightning on a very rough surface, then you will have to purchase some extra adhesive backing.

6. Controllability

There are some outdoor strip lights which you can change their colour and brightness with the help of a remote. So, if you want a remote-controlled outdoor strip LED light, then be sure to buy a remote at the time of buying.

How To Use Outdoor LED Strip Light?

outdoor led strip lights
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1. Decide Your Objective And Location

Your first step should be to decide the outdoor location where you will be installing the outdoor strip light. 

Consider whether the strip light will be exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain or sun. If it will be exposed, then you need to consider high IP rating strip light.

Consider also the lightning objective, i.e., whether it will provide illumination or create an aesthetic appeal on the exterior of the house or both.

Your objective will help you select the right LED strip from the market.

2. Gather All The Required Tools

Now, your next step is to gather all the required tools. Besides the LED strip, you will need a power supply cord, mounting clips, a compatible power supply source, and a scissor to cut the strip

3. Prepare The Installation Area

Ensure that the installation surface should be thoroughly cleaned so that the outdoor LED strip light can properly adhere to the surface. If you are installing it on a brick surface, then it is better to use silicone sealant for proper adhesion.

4. Measure And Cut The LED Strip

Now, you need to measure the area in which you are going to install the strip light. You need to then cut the strip light accordingly with the help of scissors.

5. Install The LED Strip

Now remove the adhesive backing from the strip and then install it on the desired surface. You have to slightly press it so that it will properly adhere to the surface. You can use mounting clips for additional sturdiness.

6. Waterproof All Connections

Try to waterproof all connections to prevent moisture damage.

7. Connect To The Power Source

You have to connect the outdoor LED strip light to the power supply by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember to turn off the lights before making connections or any light adjustments.

8. Check The LED Strip Light

Connect the LED strip light with the power source and then test the lights to ensure they are functioning well.


LED strip lights are quite popular in residential homes and holiday parties. They use 75 percent less energy and last for longer periods than incandescent and CFL bulbs.

They come in various brightness levels. Purchase it according to your purpose and install it outdoors in your house. They are sure to enhance the exterior look of the dwelling.

But try to clean the surface thoroughly before installation. It ensures that the outdoor LED strip light will properly adhere to the surface.

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