12v led ribbon lights

What Is 12V LED Ribbon Lights And How To Use?

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12V LED ribbon lights are known as LED ribbon lights. They are thin and flexible circuit boards with numerous LEDs.

A 12-volt LED ribbon lights are versatile and come in various color options. They are even more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent electric bulbs.

The LED ribbon lights come with a 3M double-sided back adhesive. It makes them easier to install on any surface, including curved ones. You can use these lights both indoors and outdoors of the house, like stairs, doors, windows and gardening. 

The article discusses 12V LED ribbon lights and how to use them. You can keep reading this article to learn more about it.

What Is 12 Volt LED Ribbon Lights?

12v led ribbon lights
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A 12-volt LED ribbon lights require 12-volt DC power to run. They are the most popular lightning source today. Many LED emitters are mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board.

The top thing about LED ribbon lights is that they will not emit much heat. They even resist shocks and use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. So you can use them for aesthetic and decorative purposes.

The width of the LED ribbon lights is usually 10-12mm. They have almost a length of 16 feet.

You must cut them into desired sizes and use them on various surfaces.

12 Volt LED Ribbon Light Decoration Ideas

12 Volt LED ribbon lights are versatile, and you can use them in numerous ways to decorate your house. I am listing some of them below.

1. Headboard

You can install it behind the bed headboard to give a soothing and elegant view of your bedroom.

2. Bed

You can use 12-volt LED ribbon lights on the bottom of the bed. It helps in relieving stress and promoting sleep. Additionally, it will not cause eye strain if you habitually scroll your mobile phone before sleeping.

3. Back Of TV Or Monitor

You can install it on the back of your TV or computer monitor. It helps in reducing eye strain and creates an impressive look.

4. Holiday Lightning Or Festival Look

You can use 12-volt LED ribbon lights on windows, doorways or stairs to create a festive look on Diwali or Christmas.

5. Outdoor Lightning

There are waterproof varieties of LED ribbon lights. You can install them on patio furniture, trees, or deck railing to create a nice ambiance for the house’s exterior.

6. Kitchen

You can use these LED ribbon lights on your kitchen shelf. Floating glass shelves with LED ribbon lights perfectly display China plates or other decorative accessories. You can even use it under the cabinet to give a stylish look to your kitche

7. Bathroom

You can attach 12 Volt LED ribbon lights behind the bathroom mirror or vanity to give a fresh look.

8. Study Table

If you have a shelf over the study table, install the LED ribbon lights underside to make your study more enjoyable.

How To Use 12V LED Ribbon Lights?

The long, thin shape of 12-Volt LED ribbon lights can help add glow both indoors and outdoors of the house. You can even install them in hard-to-reach areas.

The installation of 12-volt LED ribbon lights requires the following things:

  • Pair of scissors.
  • Measuring tape
  • Wet cloth
  • Ladder(if you are going to install it on the ceiling)
  • Double side adhesive

You need to gather all these things first and then begin the installation process.

1. Clean The Surface

You need first to select the place where you are going to install the 12-volt LED ribbon lights.

Ensure the surface is clean so LED ribbon lights stick to it properly.

If the surface is dirty, clean it with soap and water. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and then install the LED ribbon lights.

You can install the LED ribbon lights on wood, plastic or vinyl. I recommend not using it on a textured surface because it will peel with time.

2. Measure The Surface

Now, your next duty is to measure the surface. As discussed above, you can use 12 12-volt LED ribbon lights in numerous places like bookshelves, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, etc.

You need to measure the desired place with the help of a measuring tape. You need to then compare it with the length of the 12-volt LED ribbon light. I suggest you measure the size of the desired surface twice for accuracy.

3. Trim The Ribbon Lights

You can now cut the 12-volt LED ribbon lights to fit the space. But before doing so, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Ensure that the LED ribbon lights are not plugged in.
  • Locate the safe areas of the ribbon light.
  • You will find that safe-cut regions usually have a dot symbol or other symbols.
  • Decide which cut area is close to the desired length. You can then take a scissor and cut it straight.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before cutting the LED ribbon light.

4. Start Installing The LED Ribbon Lights

Peel the back of the 12-volt LED ribbon lights and start installing them on the surface. Try to peel and press one short section of the surface. It will help in keeping the ribbon light straight during installation.

I recommend applying smooth pressure on each peeled section for almost 10-15 seconds before moving to the next one.

You need to continue peeling and pressing the LED ribbon lights until you complete the desired surface’s entire length.

5. Ready For Testing

Now plug the LED ribbon lights into the 12-volt power source. Check whether the light from the LED ribbon lights is illuminating your desired surface.


12-volt LED ribbon lights are one of the most energy-efficient ways to brighten your home’s dark areas. I have discussed about the installation process. 

The process is quite simple. You need to follow them to install 12-volt LED ribbon lights in your bathroom, study table, shelf or many more places.

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