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Modern House Plants (6 Tips)

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It’s a new calendar year, and it’s time to explore the world of houseplants. Some exciting modern house plants can give your existing indoor jungle a trendy look.

Houseplants are important in transforming any living space into a vibrant green look. They purify the air and provide a relaxing ambiance inside the home.

Houseplants can bring warmth and color to any corner of the room. They are also not difficult  to maintain and can survive in an apartment with few windows.

Some homeowners forget to water their plants. If this is your case, then houseplants can also survive in your home

Houseplants are available in various shapes and sizes. There are some plants which have a trelling nature. 

They look great when draped on the center table or the edges of a big coffee table. There are other options, too, like bolding floor plants on any room corner. It will offer plenty of drama to your living room or bedroom.

The article discusses 6 modern house plants. You can continue reading to explore certain houseplants.

How Can You Shop For Houseplants?

Houseplants can make your room look fresh and stylish. You need to consider the lighting available in the room while buying houseplants.

No houseplant can survive in zero light. However, many houseplants can survive in low light or bright indirect light. Keep your plants near east—or south-facing windows so they can get bright indirect light.

But if your house has poor lighting, it’s a good idea to invest in LED grow lights. These lights can give your home a greenery look.

Six Modern House plants

Proper lighting and watering are essential for growing houseplants. Various houseplants available in nurseries require bright indirect light to survive. They also require water at least two to three times a day. I am listing below six modern house plants.

1. Staghorn Ferns

modern house plants
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Staghorn ferns are eye-catching plants that add greenery to your indoors. You can grow them in wire baskets or pots. They are epiphytic plants, so you can grow them even in wood.

Staghorns are famous for their leaf shape. The shape is almost similar to deer or elk antlers. 

These plants require shaded light consistently. However, they can tolerate more sunlight if you give them more water and humidity.

Proving water is the most challenging part of caring for Staghorn ferns. They need frequent watering, but you need to dry the base in periodic intervals, i.e., once a week in hot summer months and twice a week in cool months.

If you are growing staghorn fern on wood, you can take it to the sink and show it just below the tap water. The fern will absorb water from the shield, leaf fronds, and roots. I recommend allowing the plant to soak in water for 10-15 minutes.

You need to feed fertilizer various times in a year for proper growth.

2. Jade Plant

modern house plants
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The Jade plant is a succulent plant that you can quickly grow indoors. They have a long life span, i.e., they can live for almost 70 years if you care for them properly. The jade plant grows one or two inches in height every year.

The plant has woody stems with green oval leaves. Please choose the location of this plant wisely because all its parts are poisonous for pets like cats and dogs.

Jade plants require bright indirect sunlight for almost 6-8 hours. Too low light can weaken the plant, and it may topple over.

You can grow the jade plant in a south—or east-facing window. The potting soil for this plant should be a mixture of sand, potting soil, or perlite. The soil PH can be between 5.5 and 7 for proper growth.

The jade plant requires watering almost throughout the year. It is especially active in the summer months, so water frequently. However, over-watering can kill this plant. You also need to feed it fertilizer from time to time, especially at the start of the growing season.

3. Calamondin Orange

modern house plants
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Calamondin orange trees require less care and maintenance to grow. It produces fragrant flowers and tart fruits, which you can harvest and use in jams. During the spring and summer seasons, you must provide water to this plant every 5-7 days. 

During the chill winter months, you need to water the plant when the top of the soil is dry. Again, you can keep the plant only indoors, i.e. near the south or east-facing window in cool weather months. Always turn the pot so all the leaves can get indirect sunlight for at least 5-6 hours. But during the summer months, you can keep the Calamondin orange tree outside for a few hours.

You need to provide fertilizer to the tree, especially in hot summer or when reporting the plant.

4. Colorful Cacti

modern house plants
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Colorful cacti are simple-to-grow plants that you can add to your indoor jungle. These plants store water in their roots, leaves, and stems, making them simple to care for.

Keep them near a window where they can receive at least 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight. However, the colorful cactus can even survive in LED grow lights.

Remember, if the cactus doesn’t receive enough sunlight, it will become leggy and not look attractive. Again, if you overwater the plant, they will die. So, try to water the cactus only when the soil is dry.

For example, moon cacti are spherical and cylindrical plants. They are available in colors like red and yellow, which give any corner of the room an eye-catching look. The moon cacti lack chlorophyll, which provides them with bright colors.

5. Pink Plants

Pink plants are getting popular in most houses. Their attractive foliage is truly eye-catching.

There are various types of pink plants that you can grow indoors. For example, consider growing Chinese evergreen(Aglaonemas). They have unique foliage that looks attractive. The great thing about them is that they require low light, making them perfect plants to add to offices or houses.

Calathea, or prayer plants, are the next indoor plants you can grow at home. However, they are a bit tricky to grow as they require warm and humid air.

6. Alocasia

modern house plants
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Alocasia is the next houseplant which you can grow inside your house. They are also known as elephant’s ears because of their enormous heart-shaped leaves. The prominent veins on the leaves look quite attractive.

Alocasia can survive in bright, indirect sunlight. However, the amount of light varies from one species to another.

I suggest you keep the Alocasia plant near the eastern or western window, where it can receive indirect sunlight for a few hours a day.

You can plant Alocasia in a well-drained, loose, and potting mix soil. They are water-loving plants. Try to provide water to the Alocasia plant, mainly when the soil is dry. 

You need always to keep the soil moist and not soggy. Provide less water to the plant, mainly in cold winter months, because the plant is dormant during this season.

I recommend you provide liquid fertilizer in the 20-20-20 formulation for proper growth. This formulation contains 20 percent nitrogen,20 percent phosphorous, and 20 percent potassium. Providing such fertilizer can help develop stronger roots and healthy foliage.


Houseplants have become a staple in most dwellings. They add a touch of greenery to your house and, with their unique look, even become a piece of decor.

I have listed 6 modern house plants that you can quickly grow inside your home. They will help uplift your mind when you come home after a long, tiring day.

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