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Mexican Home Decor Ideas Which You Can Try In 2024

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Do you wish to renovate your home and make it look colorful? If yes, you can have Mexican home decor to create a modern atmosphere. 

The decor style is famous for its rich cultural heritages, colorful patterned tiles and luxurious textures. You can use this decor and infuse the space with warmth, cosiness and a welcoming atmosphere.

There are various ways by which to incorporate this style. However, this article lists some Mexican home decor ideas you can utilize at home to bring warmth and character to it.

Mexican Home Decor Ideas

mexican home decor
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1. Color palettes

The colors used in Mexican decor are usually bold and colorful. You can use rich shades of red, yellow or earthy tones like terracotta. Balance this bold color with neutral colors like beige, black, and white.

For example, you can experiment with Mexican decor by having colorful walls in your living space or bedroom. Vibrant blue or red shades on the room’s walls can help rejuvenate the space. 

If you don’t like all the walls to have red or blue shades, then you prefer to have these colors on an accent wall. It will be a focal point and will create a visual appeal.

2. Have Dynamic patterns

Try to have luxurious patterns in your house look beautiful. You can incorporate it in throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and sofa covers to define the space with Mexican style.

3. Try To Add Colorful Tiles

Mexican people use a lot of colorful tiles in their homes to create a luxurious space. You can utilize this idea in your dwelling. Try to have bright and patterned designs on the tiles. It will help in creating a Mexican vibe in your house.

You can use tiles like the kitchen backsplash, decorative framework, or walls. For example, having Talavera or encaustic tiles on a completely white background can help dominate the space.

4. Add Some Rustic Elements

Mexican people love bold and bright colors. But simultaneously, they like rustic elements, too. You can have some antique pieces at home to decorate your dwelling.

5. Mexican Home Decor Furniture

You can have furniture made from natural materials like wrought iron and wood. Mexican furniture usually has intricate details. They even have unique designs. 

You can have such furniture to create a Mexican vibe. Simultaneously, you can upholster the sofa or chair with fabrics like velvet or cotton to provide luxury to a particular space.

6. Statement Walls

You can have big murals depicting natural scenery or Mexican culture in your home. It will create a statement look in your living room or bedroom.

7. Showcase The Colorful Culinary Items

Mexican people love to display their serving plates, cutlery sets or stylish glassware. If you have floating or open shelves, you can display ceramic plates or colorful culinary sets to create a fusion of Mexican essence in your home.

8. Increase Attractiveness With Carved Wooden Door

You can have carved wooden doors inside your home to have a fusion of Mexican-style decor.

For example, have a salvage Mexican door in your bedroom to add a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can even have a carved wooden door at the entrance of the home to create a unique and charming look.

9. Handcrafted Treasures

Mexican people are pretty popular for their artistry and craftsmanship. You can embrace handicraft things like Talavera pottery and woven baskets.

You may even display the pottery work on your front porch or balcony to have a Mexican decor. These accents are pretty beautiful and enhance the visual appeal of your dwelling.

10. Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Mexican people love to keep houseplants inside their homes. You can incorporate such an idea to have Mexican interior-style decor.

You can keep houseplants and succulents inside your home. Try to keep them in terracotta planters or ceramic pots to look good. You can hang ferns or keep a cactus pot in your home to bring nature’s beauty inside the house. The top thing about the cactus or pot is that you can easily care for or maintain them.

The plants will create a fresh ambiance and connect the space to nature.

11. Lightning

Lightning is the next aspect of Mexican interior decor. Proper lighting is essential in the kitchen or living room. You can hang lighting fixtures like colorful pendant lights or wrought iron chandeliers. They will not only provide good lighting but also enhance the visual appeal of the space.

12. Architectural Details

Mexican interior style involves a lot of architectural details. You can have arches on your door or windows for a sense of Mexican culture.

13. Rich Handicraft Textiles

Mexican people love to have woven or embroidered textiles in their homes. You can incorporate such an idea into your home. You can have embodied textiles in blankets, pillows or rugs. They will surely add an inviting atmosphere to your house.

14. Wall Decor In Mexican Home

Wall decor is the next aspect you must consider while planning to have Mexican home decor. The wall decor options are numerous. For example, you can have mirrors with ornate frames, hats, paintings and even textiles on the wall for Mexican decor.

15. Artifact

You can display artifacts on the walls or shelves to look good. They will become a focal point and enhance the look of the space.

16. Paper Flowers

Mexican people love to decorate their homes with paper flowers. You can make paper flowers of various sizes and colors. You can decorate them by putting them in a vase or stringing them in any room or balcony. It will give a fantastic view of the room. Simultaneously, it will showcase your style.

17. Iron Works

You can have handicrafts wrought iron pieces in your home for Mexican home decor. You can find them still in various Mexican cities. Bring them to decorate your house.

18. Baskets

Basket weaving and palm weaving are the oldest traditions in Mexico. Today, artisans even sold petates and tenates in the market. You can buy from the market and decorate your house with a Mexican fusion.

19. Huichol Art

mexican home decor
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Huichol art is pretty common in Mexico. You can still find them at local craft fairs or artisans’ markets.


Mexican culture has dazzling colors, colorful tiles and carved wooden doors. I have listed above some of the Mexican home decor ideas. You can incorporate them into your house to create an essence of Mexican style.

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