what do artichokes taste like

What Do Artichokes Taste Like?

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Artichokes are peculiar vegetables that you can find easily in grocery stores. Are you wondering what do artichokes taste like? If yes, you can keep reading this article to know about artichokes and their taste.

Most people consider artichokes as vegetables, but they are immature thistle buds. People consume in this stage before it blooms into a purple colour flower.

Artichokes are a good source of antioxidants and various nutrients, which can help to maintain blood sugar levels and improve heart and liver health.

So, what do artichokes taste like? You can eat them both in raw and cooked form. Eating artichokes in raw form usually has a bitter taste. But cooking them increases the flavour and taste.

What Are Artichokes?

what do artichokes taste like
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The artichoke plant is a thistle plant and originates from the Mediterranean region. This plant grows in many parts of France, Italy, Spain and California. Artichoke is a popular vegetable used in American and European cuisine.

The artichoke is an immature flower bud. People harvest the bud before it blooms as it is tasty and has various health benefits. But it’s not simple to cook and eat this, bud. You have to make a little effort to find the edible parts and then cook and eat it.

There are more than 100 species of artichoke found all over the globe. But the most common one is the Globe or French Artichoke.

It has a very peculiar shape, and you can easily recognise it by its global shape. The outer leaves are known as bracts. You will find thorns at the tip of the leaves.

You can eat the base of the leaves. The innermost leaves are a bit tender, and you can even eat it. You will find a choke on the top of the heart, followed by a stem. Choke is not edible unless it is a baby artichoke. The heart is the primary or fleshy part of the artichoke. The centre portion of the stem is also edible.

What Do Artichokes Taste Like?

Artichokes’ taste depends on how you cook and consume it.

1. Raw Artichoke

what do artichokes taste like
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You can eat artichoke in raw form. It will have more nutrition compared to cooked artichoke. But it will have a bitter taste.

You can consume it in a salad by chopping the raw artichoke into small pieces. Combine it with Kale leaves, feta, and some cranberries.

2. Steaming Or Boiling

Steaming or boiling methods require minimal preparation. The texture will get soft when you steam or boil artichoke.

I have listed below two methods of steaming or boiling process.

  • You can use a steamer or pressure cooker to cook this vegetable till it becomes soft and tender.
  • Add artichokes to a pot containing salt and boiling water. Keep the heat medium and cook the vegetables for 30 minutes or until the outer petals fall off.

Both processes will soften the artichoke petals, and you can enjoy them eating. It will reduce bitterness and will add a little sweetness. To increase its flavour, you can eat the steamed or boiled artichoke with mayonnaise sauce.

3. Fried

The fried artichokes have a sweet and nutty flavour. You have to cut the artichoke either in two or four halves.

Heat a pan and add a few amounts of butter to it. You can then add the artichoke halves to the pan. Fry the vegetable until the outer layer becomes caramelised and the inner layer soft and tender.

4. Grilled

Grilled artichokes usually have a smoky flavour. It will reduce the bitter taste and will increase the sweet taste.

How Can I Prepare Artichoke For Cooking?

Are you preparing artichoke for the first time? If yes, you may first get confused about which to eat and how to cut. Well, we have listed a few points on preparing artichoke for cooking.

  • You have first to keep the artichoke on a chopping board.
  • Peel the bracts or petals so that the inside thin leaves get exposed.
  • Take a knife and cut the stem. It is an edible portion. But set it aside so that you can use it later for cooking purposes.
  • Remove any leftover petals near the heart.
  • Scoope the choke and discard it. It is not the edible portion. So, never use it for cooking purposes.
  • You have to transfer the heart of the artichoke into a bowl of water.
  • Trim the stem
  • The heart and the stem are ready to use for cooking. But wash the edible parts thoroughly and then do the cooking.

How To Choose Which Artichoke To Buy?

Below are a few guidelines you need to remember while buying artichokes.

1. Choose Heavy Ones

Light artichokes are usually old ones and will have much meatiness. So you must consider the weight while buying artichokes from the market. Prefer always to buy heavy ones as they indicate freshness.

2. Vibrant Green Leaves

Always look for artichokes that have vibrant green leaves. Dont choose to buy an artichoke that has blemishes on the outer leaves.

3. Ensure The Levaes Make Squeaking Sound

You need to pinch the outer leaves of the artichoke on both hands. If they make a squeaking sound, then that indicates that it is fresh. Again, look at the stem properly. If it has wormholes, then don’t consider buying it.


Artichoke is an incredible vegetable which has immense health benefits. It is rich in folate, potassium and other nutrients that help improve heart health and normalise blood sugar levels.

You can eat this vegetable in raw form. However, it will give you a bitter taste, which you may or may not. Well, you can cook it and enjoy the taste. The bitterness decreases, and the sweetness increases when you cook it.

If you have ever tried this vegetable, you must try it once. I am sure you will develop an addiction to this vegetable.

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