What Is The Worst Time To Water Plants?

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Water is quite essential for the growth of the plants. It helps the plant produce food and build its cellular structure.

But remember, all times of the day are not good for watering plants. If you water your green friends at an incorrect time, then it can adversely affect them.

So, what is the worst time to water plants? The worst time to water plants is usually mid-day or late evening.

You can water your green friends in the early morning. Low temperature and calm wind are usually there at that time, which leads to less evaporation.

The plants will absorb almost all the water before night. The foliage dries up and hence is less susceptible to various diseases.

The article discusses the worst time to water outdoor and indoor plants. So you can keep on reading this article to know more about it.

What Is The Worst Time To Water Indoor Plants?

Indoor plants are like your pets. They require love and attention to survive and grow properly. They even need water, like outdoor plants, to grow.

But remember, some indoor plants require more water while others require much less water. For instance, if I talk about philodendrons, they require water almost daily. But if you have succulents, then they dont need much water.

Again, watering indoor plants at any time of the day will have a bad impact on them. It can cause waterlogging, mold growth or root rot.

Are you wondering what the worst time is to water indoor plants? Well, the worst time to water an indoor plant is at night.

It will not allow much water to evaporate. Hence, excess moisture can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Your lovely indoor plant will wilt or be susceptible to diseases if you water plants, particularly at night.

Top Time To Water An Indoor Plant

The prime time to water an indoor plant is in the morning. The plant will have enough time to soak all the water. Hence, there will be very little moisture available at night time.

Try to water your indoor plant once a week or when the soil is dry. You can insert your finger two inches inside the soil. If your finger comes out dry, you must water your indoor plant.

What Is The Worst Time To Water Outdoor Plants?

Outdoor plants require water. However, various factors are responsible for their water needs, like temperature, soil, and climate.

For instance, if there is frequent rainfall at your location, avoid watering the plants, particularly during those times. Again, outdoor plants demand more water on a sunny day than in cold weather.

But you cannot water outdoor plants any time of the day. So, are you wondering what the worst time is to water outdoor plants?

If you are watering outdoor plants during the hottest part of the day, then it harms them. Most of the water easily evaporates because of high temperatures, and thus, roots will have very little water to absorb. Watering an outdoor plant during the afternoon may even burn the foliage.

Nighttime is also not good for watering an outdoor plant. It creates a humid environment, which results in the growth of pathogens. Again, if the foliage remains wet all night, it becomes vulnerable to various diseases.

A drip irrigation system is good for watering an outdoor plant. It will not make the foliage wet. Hence, they will not be susceptible to different diseases.

Prime Time To Water An Outdoor Plant

The top time to water an outdoor plant is early morning. Try to finish your watering task before the sun rises high in the sky. It will nourish your outdoor plants and prepare them in a better way for the photosynthesis process.

Lower temperatures and calm wind will help the plant roots to absorb water effectively.

Again, the water will evaporate easily from the foliage, which prevents sunburn.

But if you are not a morning person, you might prefer watering your outdoor plants in the late afternoon. But try to direct the water only at the soil level.

Watering Tips For Proper Growth Of The Plant

1. Know About Your Plant

Different plants have different water requirements. For instance, tomatoes need more water in comparison to cactus and succulents.

2. Consider The Temperature

You need to consider the temperature of water while providing plants. If it is too cold, then it can stress your plant. Always provide water to your plant at room temperature.

3. Check Soil Conditions

You need to double-check the soil before providing water to the plant. If you find the soil dry, you must water the plant.

4. Always Provide Water At The Base Of The plant

You must always provide water at the base of your plant. It will reach the roots directly and ensure proper growth of the plant.

5. Focus On Methods Of Watering

The method of watering is quite important for the proper growth of plants. You can pour water from the jug directly into the soil of a small house plant. But for outdoor plants with deep roots, you can provide water with a small hose with low pressure.


Have you ever wondered why farmers wake up early and give water to their crops? If yes, then why do they do so? Watering plants early in the morning will quench their thirst. They can even store water for the rest of the day.

Remember, watering plants any time of the day will have a negative impact on their growth. Provide water early in the morning to make your plant grow properly.

You can prefer late afternoon if you are busy in the morning. But try to provide water only at the base plant of the plant during late afternoon for effective growth.

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