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Indian Home Decor Ideas (2024)

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Indian home decor involves the usage of natural materials and bright and bold colors to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Your home speaks about your personality and taste. Sometimes, you wish to renovate your home and make it look visually appealing. 

If you want to add warmth and color to your home, then you can have Indian home decor ideas. The ideas are numerous and can create a timeless look in your home.

The article lists down some Indian home decor ideas that can transform your space. So, you can keep on reading this article to know more about these ideas.

16 Indian Home Decor Ideas

indian home decor
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Indian homes are popular for their rich cultural and artistic heritage.

I am listing below 16 Indian home decor ideas that you can easily utilize at home.

1. Color

Traditional Indian home design includes bright colors like blue, red, green, or yellow. You can even have a room with bright colors and textures to represent Indian decor style. 

Compliment it with plush textiles like velvet and silk to make it look good.

If you wish to have simple Indian home decor, then opt for a neutral color palette. For example, you can use earthy tones like indigo to look good.

2. Wall Hangings

Indian wall hangings are the most beautiful way to add color and texture to your wall. You can hang embroidered tapestries, bandhani tapestries, or ornate metal pieces to have a fusion of Indian decor. 

Another way is to hang a bell wind chime on your home. Its beads, bells, and natural rope add a traditional touch to your home.

3. Furniture

Dark wood furniture is the next aspect of Indian home decor. You can add some furniture pieces like diawns, stools, cots, and almirahs to create a fusion of Indian style at home. 

If you wish to have haveli-style decor, then consider intricately carved furniture with fine lines for a stunning look.

4. Fabrics

India is filled with various cultures. You can use different types of fabrics in your home, like silk, cotton, and khadi. You can incorporate them on bed linens, curtains, window blinds, sofas, or lounge chairs.

5. Utilize Prints Of Different States

Different States in India have popular prints. You can utilize them in your house, like bandhani print,warli painting, motif print, and many more. You can incorporate these prints of bedsheet covers, cushion covers, table runners, and many more to have Indan decor.

6. Table Decor

Table decor is the next aspect of Indian home decor. You can keep several things like potted plants or wood figurines on your console table, side table, or coffee table. The table looks gorgeous when you decorate it with flowers during festivals.

You can even have flowers or diyas floating in water-filled trays. Sometimes, a beautiful fabric on the table looks stunning. 

Another great idea is to keep a woven basket in the corner of the table. It looks good and represents the Indian essence of your home.

7. Ceiling Decor

Ceiling decor is also important to have a fusion of Indian essence. Jhula is the most popular item that hangs from the ceiling of most Indian homes. You can incorporate such an idea.

Well, there are other great ideas, too, like metal chimes or ceiling hanging lamps.

8. Chandelier

Lightning plays an important part in Indian decor. Heavily carved chandeliers have also been a part of Indian palaces. You can even hang a chandelier just on top of the dining table or in your living hall to have an essence of Indian home decor.

9. Ceramic Vase

Handmade pottery is a part of Indian home decor. You can choose simple clay pots to keep artificial flowers. Keep them on any corner of your house to add warmth and charm to your room. 

If you don’t get ceramic vases, then opt for terracotta vases. They will even add a pop of color to your room. 

There are various shapes and designs of terracotta pots available in the market. You can buy any of them to have an essence of Indian decor in your home.

10. Green Plants

You can have at least one plant in a room to have a fusion of Indian home decor. Green plants will create a refreshing ambiance in the room. It will even help to purify the air.

You can keep a huge plant in the corner of your living room or bedroom. Alternatively, keep succulents or a few houseplants on the floating shelves or above the coffee table to look good.

11. Brass-ware

Indians love to showcase brass-ware in their home in the form of either statues or lamps. You can incorporate the idea of having Indian-style decor in your dwelling.

12. Deities

Indians worship a large number of gods and goddesses throughout the world. Indian artisans beautifully handicraft the status of Lord Ganesha, Buddha, or Goddess Laxmi. 

These statues are available in almost all local Indian stores. You can buy one or two statues to keep in your home and have an Indian-style home decor.

13. Wooden Key Holder

Are you thinking of keeping your keys in an organized and stylish way? If yes, then a wooden key holder is a great option for you.

You can find wooden key holders in many local Indian stores. They are made from bamboo or Sheesham wood. It will provide a rustic charm inside your house. These wooden key holders are stylish and durable. You can mount them on the wall of any of your rooms to look good.

14. Wooden Photo Frames

You can display your favourite photos in wooden photo frames. They are found in various designs and shapes. You can buy them according to your taste. You may prefer to go online also while buying wooden photo frames.

15. Entrance Decoration Ideas

Entrance is the first thing that every guest sees while visiting your house. So you should provide special importance to it. You can have dwarapala sculptures at the entrance of the home to showcase Indian temple architecture. If you stay in a flat then rangoli or flower garland are great choices at the entrance to have Indian fusion.

If you wish to have a more artistic touch, then paint murals on the frames of the door. You can even use motifs for a traditional Indian touch.

16. Balcony Decor Ideas

You can try various things when you wish to have a balcony in Indian style. If you want a quick way to style your balcony, then use colorful block print textiles. You can have them on pillows, table covers, or upholstery.

Paint the walls of the balcony in bright color. You can decorate the wall with metal lanterns,warli paintings, and LED diyas. Keep some plants on your balcony in earthen pots. 

You may even prefer ceramic pots to grow your plants. Hang some plants, if possible, on your balcony to have a nice greenery look.


Indian home decor can create a gorgeous and comfortable look. I have listed a few Indian home decor ideas. You can utilize them in your dwelling to have Indian style home.

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