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Grey Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas To Elevate Your Home

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Has your brick fireplace become cracked, and you want to update it? You can freshen up your brick fireplace by coating it with grey paint. I have listed 11 grey-painted brick fireplace ideas which can modernize your room.

Most of us want coziness in chill weather. It is usually accompanied by thick blankets, hot drinking, and sitting near the crackling fire.

The fireplace, which had not been used for many months, started working. But if your brick fireplace is cracked or has a lot of stains, it puts down all your emotions.

A fresh coat of grey paint on a brick fireplace can be a good solution. It can create an eye-catching point in your room.

The article discusses 11 grey-painted brick fireplace ideas. You can read this article to explore a few ideas.

11 Grey Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas To Elevate Your Home

grey painted brick fireplace
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A grey painting on your brick fireplace is an elegant way to update it. It even gives a modern and sophisticated look to your room. There are various shades of grey. For example, you can choose a solid coat of grey paint to have a sleek and contemporary look.

You can even greywash your brick firewall. Greywash means means diluting the paint with water. It will showcase the natural texture of the brick.

Choose the shade according to your room style and decor. I recommend using a heat-resistant paint as you will be using it on your brick fireplace.

Let’s discuss 11 grey-painted brick fireplace ideas that can help to modernize your home.

1. Inticriate Millwork

You can have a brick fireplace and intricate millwork extending to your living room’s ceiling. Paint the hardwood and the brick fireplace with solid coats of grey to create a focal point in your living room.

You can hang a big round mirror with a brass frame on the intricate millwork to pop up against your grey fireplace.

2. Grey Living Room Fireplace

Grey is a neutral color that will pair with any interior design. If you have a grey living room, consider painting your brick fireplace grey to give it a bold look.

You can keep some lovely artwork and a flower pot on the mantle to create a beautiful look. You can keep a leather sofa and a nice center table in front of the grey fireplace to create an interesting effect.

3. Grey Brick Fireplace With Wood Trim

You can have a grey brick fireplace with rustic wood trim and a white mantle. Keep some of your family photographs on the white mantle. You can keep some figurines or a small flower pot on the mantle.

Keep a planter in front of the grey fireplace. Keep the planter just above the herringbone tile hearth.

4. Grey Fireplace And White Mantel

You can have a grey-painted brick place with a white mantel. You can hang a silver artwork over the white mantel.

Keep a woven basket on the top of the brick hearth. You can paint the hearth white in color.

5. Fireplace With Flat Panel TV

You can have a grey-painted brick fireplace with a flat-panel TV. Keep an artificial Christmas tree on the side of the fireplace.

You can keep a rectangular grey coffee table with drawers on the front of your fireplace. The coffee table can be next to the couches of your living room.

6. Bring Natural Beauty

You can keep 3-4 indoor plants along with a few books and candles on the top white mantel of the grey brick fireplace.

Hang a round wooden mirror over the white mantel. You can position a light wood stain coffee table in front of your brick fireplace. Keep the couches white.

Lay a nice white rug below the coffee table for a contrasting look. You can hang a lovely chandelier just above the coffee table.

7. Light Pink Accessories And Black Mantel

Your shiplap living room can have a grey-painted brick fireplace along with a black mantel. You can hang an artwork just over the mantel.

Keep the couch white. You can drape it with a pink blanket and light pink throw pillows. The rug can be off-white. Have a grey and white footstool beside your couch.

8. Floor To Ceiling Brick Fireplace

You can have a grey-painted brick fireplace from floor to ceiling in your living room. It can have a stained wooden mantel where you can keep a gold frame oval mirror. You can keep a brown leather coffee table in front of the fireplace.

9. Pumpkin Decor

You can have a floor-to-ceiling grey-painted brick fireplace. It can have a wood stain mantel where you can decorate white, yellow, and green pumpkins. You can keep even a lovely artwork on the mantel. The two sides of the artwork can have a beige flower vase.

10. Stream Fireplace Design

A grey-painted brick fireplace will give a sophisticated look to your living room. You can have white walls on your living space. Have an elevated white hearth to uplift the look. Hang a TV over the fireplace to look good.

You can keep two black leather chairs just in front of the fireplace. It can face a square white coffee table.

11. White Trim And Grey Fireplace

You can have a grey brick fireplace with white decorative trim. You can adorn the trim with pine garland. You can have mini pine trees and an oval, round frame mirror on the white fireplace mantel.


Brick fireplaces are a staple of home decor. It helps to elevate the look of your living space or dining. You need to paint it before the arrival of cool weather to refresh the look.

Painting your brick fireplace grey can give it a sophisticated touch. I have listed some grey-painted brick fireplace ideas above and hope you like them. You can choose any of the ideas and uplift your home’s decor.

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