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What Is Art Nouveau Style Interior Design?

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Do you want to add a sophisticated touch to your home? If so, then you can embrace art nouveau style interior design in your house.

The style emerged in the late 19th Century .It features the usage of floral patterns, curved lines, and nature-inspired motifs.

Art Nouveau style is quite beautiful and timeless style. It helps to create an elegant and inviting atmosphere in your house.

The style gives importance to the unity of all art forms. It means the furniture, lights, and wallpaper should all work together to have harmonious atmopshere.

The article lists various ideas for art nouveau style interior design. So, keep reading this article to learn more about this interior design style.

History Of The Art Nouveau Movement

The Art Nouveau movement emerged in the late 19th Century in France and Belgium. Later, it spread to the United States and Europe. It influenced other fields, such as architecture, interior design, and art.

The popularity reduced by the end of the 1920s. The modern Art Deco style replaced it. However, Art Nouveau’s beauty and elegance still inspire many designers and homeowners today.

Features Of Art Nouveau Style Interior Design

Are you craving for a space that looks both elegant and organic? If so, then you must choose the art nouveau style interior design.

I am discussing a few features of the art nouveau style below.

art nouveau style interior design
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1. Curves And Flowing Lines

One of the most distinct features of this style is the usage of curves and flowing lines. It mimics how vines and wings move in nature. You can incorporate these lines on the furniture and architectural details. The lines of the art nouveau style are organic and asymmetrical.

2. Nature And Floral Motifs

The next feature of the art nouveau style is the usage of nature and floral motifs. Artists at that time drew inspiration from nature.

They used flowers, plants, and insects movement in their designs. You can see such idea ideas on wallpapers or stained glass windows. It will reflect the sense of nature’s beauty inside your house. You will feel connected to nature by staying in the house.

3. Geometric Shapes And Linear Designs

Art nouveau style incorporate geometric shapes and linear designs from jewelry to architecture.

4. Asymmetrical Design

Your furniture and architecture should have an asymmetrical design. It gives a sense of energy and life in your house.

Restyle Your Home In Art Nouveau Style

Do you want to change the style of your house? If so, there are endless ways to decorate your house. They will make it look modern.

You can embrace the art nouveau style. It dates back to the 19th Century but is still appreciated because of its unique style.

art nouveau style interior design
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1. Furniture And Furnishings

You can have furniture and furnishings of organic shapes and flowing lines. The furniture in your bedroom or living room can have detailed carvings.

It can also have curved legs and floral patterns. But don’t keep bulky furniture because it will occupy a lot of space in your room.

The art nouveau furniture consists of solid wood materials. The legs of the furniture should have bent metal rods. Ensure there are no sharp edges on the furniture.

If you are placing a table in the bedroom, then it should be of low height. The chair should be high back to depict the traditional art nouveau style.

Ensure to lay colored glass on the top of the table to compliment the decor. The bed in the bedroom should have curved headboards to match the interior style.The upholstery fabrics can have natural motifs such as flowers and leaves.

2. Lightning

Lightning is the next important element of art nouveau style. You need to use lightning fixtures that have organic shapes and intricate details. Its beautiful design will add personality to your room.

A multitiered chandelier has intricate designs and candle holders. It is one of the top ways to show art in the nouveau style.

Make sure to use wrought iron for the chandelier. You can add a large sconce to your bedroom. You can pair these lamps with stained glass wall decor to look amazing.

The windows have frosted glass. When sunlight hits them, it creates a wonderful effect on the floors. You cannot complete the art nouveau decor without the usage of Tiffany lamps.

Louis Tiffany introduced these lamps in the 1800S. But they are still popular today. You can find various designs of Tiffany lamps in the market, like peony petals.

You can even incorporate floor lamps with decorative bodies to have a feel of art nouveau style.

3. Stained Glass And Glassware

The stained glass windows bring a whimsical touch to the space. It features intricate designs that reflect the sense of nature.

Choose glassware with an organic shape and intricate details. It should have the essence of the art nouveau style.

4. Wallpaper

You can stick a wallpaper on your bedroom or living room. Select wallpaper that has designs that reflect nature, like flowers, leaves, and vines. Ensure that the wallpaper you use should be cohesive with the entire room.

5. Wall Decor

You can use massive wall decor, sculptures, or vases to adorn the wall. They should reflect the everyday living, panoramas, or fruits and vegetables.

You can even beautify the wall by hanging art prints that reflect the art nouveau style. For example, you can have exotic motifs like peacock feathers on the walls of your living room. You can use shell motifs on the walls of your bathroom to have an essence of art nouveau style.

6. Fabric

Use fabrics like velvet and brocade to have an art nouveau style interior design in your house. You can use these fabrics for curtains, pillows, or upholstery. Ensure that you print these fabrics with an art nouveau floral design.

6. Floors, Walls And Ceiling

The floors, walls, and ceiling should also have intricate designs and patterns. They should have the essence of art nouveau style. You can have tiles, mosaics, or painted patterns on the floor to depict art nouveau style.

The ceilings of your living room can have murals. They can also have intricate plasterwork or frescoes that reflect nature.

7. Art Nouveau Style In Dining Room

You need to use a dining table that has intricate details and curved lines. The chairs that surround the dining table can have flowing patterns. Hang a chandelier or pendant light over the dining table. Ensure that the chandelier or pendant light reflects the nature.

Pros And Cons Of Art Nouveau Style Interior Design


  • 1. It offers a distinct aesthetic that adds a unique touch to your house.
  • 2. The intricate details of art nouveau elements are timeless. It will capture the hearts of every guest that arrives at your house.


  • 1. The intricate patterns are on furniture, beds, and more. They need a skilled artisan.
  • 2. It can be a bit expensive to achieve art nouveau work.
  • 3. This style of interior design is elaborate. It may clutter your home if not balanced well.


Art nouveau style interior design offers an elegant and unique look. It is especially for those homeowners who wish to have a distinct and timeless look.

We have even listed a few ways by which you can easily restyle your home in art nouveau style. You can incorporate them to create a harmonious atmosphere.

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