Gothic style interior design

How To Create Gothic Style Interior Design?

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Gothic style interior design combines deep and rich colors with eerie motifs. It can add a touch of drama to your house.

Gothic architecture dates back to the Middle Ages. It was quite popular in cathedrals and churches. Later, it started appearing in houses.

You need to embrace Gothic interior design. It’s for those who love fine details and romantic interiors.

Evolution Of Gothic Interior Design

The gothic interior design boasts a rich history that dates back to the 19th Century. The architectural style first appeared in the 12th Century in northern France.

Cathedrals were the main canvas for this interior design. It featured pointed arches and a flying buttress. Later, they were not limited to religious structures.

Other styles start to replace the Gothic design in the Renaissance period. Neogothic revival architecture evolved during the Victorian period of the 19th Century. The Victorian homes featured Gothic elements like turrets and pointed arches.

Today, modern Gothic interior design mixes dark aesthetics with contemporary elements. You can use rich colors like black and deep green to create a gothic inspiration space. Combine it with metallic or brass finishes to compliment the look.

How To Create Gothic Style Interior Design?

Gothic style interior design
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The typical concept of Gothic-style interior design frightens most people. But the Gothic style in your house does not mean that everything will resemble spooky.

If you love old elegance and ornate elements in your house then, this design style is perfect for you. It can create a dark, elegant, and captivating atmosphere in your house.

Let’s discuss a few points that will help you create a Gothic-style interior design.

1. Color palette

Picking a color palette is the first step. It is key to add a Gothic design to your house. You need to choose rich colors like velvet black, blood red, deep shades of black, or deep purple. The use of these colors will create a moody space inside your home. You can incorporate these colors in wallpapers, paintings, rugs, or accessories.

2. Gothic Furniture

  • The gothic decor in your house is never complete without proper furniture. The Gothic style is quite popular for its intricate details. Hence, you need to choose furniture that has intricate details and dark color tones.
  • Try to include vintage furniture. This includes canopy beds, heavy chairs with high backs, and chaise lounges. They will enhance the Gothic-inspired space.

3. Ambient Lightning

Lighting plays a primary role in enhancing the Gothic interior. You can hang a candle-style chandelier from the ceiling. You can put it in your bedroom, dining room, or living room. Add candle style, bulbs, or wall sconces to compliment the look. Table lamps are also a substitute for artificial lighting sources. You can keep it on the console table or nightstand.

4. Stone Archways In Gothic Living Room

  • If you are building your home, you can incorporate either stone or faux stone archways. It will be a replica of the traditional Gothic-era cathedrals.
  • Have a velvet sofa of colors like deep purple or red in your living room. Adorn the sofa with wood carvings. You can finish the decor with iron candle holders. Add skulls and tapestries to the walls.

5. Texture And Fabrics

Do you wish to enhance the look of the Gothic interior? If so, then don’t forget about the texture and fabrics. You can opt for fabrics like velvet and silk while selecting cushions, rugs, and pillows. They will add a visual interest to the space.

6. Gothic Art And Decor

  • You need to select the art that will complement the Gothic interior look. You can choose macabre paintings. You can also choose religious iconography paintings to hang on the walls of the room.
  • These paintings add a beautiful touch to the walls. You can compliment the decor by adding few accessories. For example, add wrought iron accessories and antique mirrors. It will increase the Gothic atmosphere.

7. Gothic Bedroom

  • Your bedroom can have gothic elegance. Use dark, rich fabrics and furniture that depict Gothic architecture.
  • Have a bed made from either dark wood or dark iron to become the centerpiece of the bedroom. You can have luxurious bedding. It comes with pillows with damask patterns and nice wall art. The art depicts the Gothic era. 
  • Your Gothic bedroom need not be all black. You can even use your favorite colors in dark shades like deep orange or dark beige. It will help in creating a moody atmosphere in your bedroom. Have an accent wall made from either natural stone or brick to pair with the moody colors.

8. Complete Your Gothic Decor With Skull

  • Choose the skull replica and place it either on the stack of books or the tray placed on the coffee table. You can even place it beside the vase in the entryways.
  • Sometimes, placing the skull element does not match your decor. Well, in such cases, you can keep a skull-shaped vase inside your home. You can even have pillows with skull patterns.

8. Gothic Kitchen

Your kitchen can even embrace the Gothic style. You can have kitchen cabinets made from dark wood. You can beautify it with wrought iron handles. The kitchen countertop can be black marble or granite. You can compliment the decor with Gothic-inspired windows and chandeliers.

9. Gothic Bathrooms

You can have dark tiles in your bathroom. You can also have vintage brass or copper fixtures. They create a Gothic-inspired bathroom. Place candles in a few areas of the bathroom to create a warm glow. Hang a Gothic-era art piece to add depth to the space.

10. Gothic Dining

You can even have a Gothic dining area in your home. Have a dining table made from dark wood. Chairs with high, pointed backs surround the entire dining table. To create a Gothic look, adorn the table with candle holders, tableware, and skull motifs.

11. Gothic Home Office

The home office with Gothic elements looks functional. You can have a wooden desk made from dark wood. The gothic arc details on the dark wood will look gorgeous. You can have a high-backed comfortable chair to sit and work.

12. Gothic Outdoor Spaces

You can extend your gothic style to your outdoor spaces. You can add elements like wrought iron furniture. You can also add Gothic carvings and stone pathways. These elements will create a Gothic style.

13. Accessorize Your Home With Gothic Elements

You can have Gothic mirrors and statues to enrich the Gothic design.


Gothic-style interior design is very attractive. It creates an atmosphere that creates depth and history. You can follow some of the above ideas to create elegance in the Gothic period. Always balance dark hues with light contrasting shades to create a visual appeal.

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