What Is Pipe Relining

What Is Pipe Relining And Why Consider It In Your Garden

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Are you having piping issues in your yard? Maybe you bought an old home whose piping happened several decades ago. As you know, pipes suffer damages with time. Corrosion and blockages are common pipeline issues in every home.

In the past, many pipes passed underground. You can find that a number of pipes are passing through your property. Others are passing under your flower and veggies gardens.  When a leakage or blockage occurs in these pipes, you will need to do some excavation to access the damaged points.

So, if the pipe goes through your property or gardens, they will suffer some damages. Likely, there is a new way to repair broken pipes without unearthing them – pipe relining.

What is pipe relining?

What Is Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a new technology for repairing damaged plumb lines. The method involves the insertion of an epoxy lining on the interior surface of the broken pipes. This substance sticks to the sides of the damaged pipes filling any holes and leaks on them.

Also, the method removes any obstructions on the pipes to ensure smooth waterflow. In other words, relining services for drains help you to install a new line inside the old and damaged one without excavation. If you are new to this technology, you can consider hiring plumbing companies. This way, you will save some cash in fixing your broken pipelines.

Why opt for pipe relining in your garden

Certainly, you have a well-maintained home garden. You pride yourself on having the top veggies and flowers in your backyard. One day, you find that a water pipe passing under it is leaking. This leakage is damaging your beautiful garden.

But the most heartbreaking aspect is that the pipe is passing underground. You have to dig up a trench to fix it. The result of such exercise is a damaged garden. This news can make you sick. Fortunately, you do not need to do all this as you can opt for pipe relining.

You will not lose your loved garden with the right plumber from Fixed Today and other reputable plumbing company. By why should you opt for this method? Here are some reasons:

You avoid excavation

No doubt, fixing a pipe through excavation comes with a lot of challenges. You dig trenches through your garden. The process is noise and interrupts you and your neighbors’ schedules. The challenges are even worse when the pipe covers a wide area of your garden. Relining saves you from such miseries.

Relining does not require excavation or digging trenches. All you need is to identify a point of the pipe, drill it and insert the epoxy lining element. So, you will not disturb your neighbors or mess up with your garden. The method is effective even when the pipe extends to a vast area of your yard.

Lowers your pipeline repair costs

Pipe repairing is a costly affair. You need to dig up the areas, buy new pipes to replace the broken ones, and tidy up the excavated space. Also, you will spend extra costs in re-shaping your landscape and garden. Here is where pipe relining makes some sense. Since you do not need excavations and getting new pipes, the approach is cost-effective.

Relining does not only save your money but also your repair time. You do not need to set a day for excavation and another for repairing the pipe. You can complete the entire process in some hours, and as you know, time is money.

Saves your garden and landscape

Designing and preparing a garden and landscape is a rigorous process. It requires you to invest time and money to arrive at your desired outlook. When a pipe is passing under this structures leak, it comes with some panic. You can’t imagine excavating and damaging your loved garden.

Imagine having to cut those mouth-watering veggies and doing away with the attractive and beautiful flowers. This experience would be the most heartbreaking moment ever. Relining comes as a savior from such experience. The method enables you to fix your pipes without affecting your home garden r flowerbeds. So, it is a good idea to ensure you retain your home landscape and beauty.

Simple and fast process of installing new pipelines

Installing new pipes is a tiresome process. Talk of digging up trenches, laying down the new pipes, and tiding up space. All these processes will leave you tired.  Also, you will need to commit some days to complete the entire process.

Fortunately, relining your pipe is a different idea. This installation process is simple andfaster. You do not have to do all excavation or tidying up chores. All you need is to identify a point for inserting the epoxy lining, and your work will be as good as complete.

Offers a long term solution

When your pipe break or burst, inserting new ones act as the solution. You get a bunch of new pipes and replace the damaged ones. However, this solution is short-term. When the issue that led to the damage of the pipe remains, say, for example, water pressure you will need to do another replacement within a short duration.

Pipe relining is different. This method involves inserting another layer inside the pipe’s surface. By doing this, you enhance the toughness and strength of the pipe to withstand various challenges. This aspect makes your pipes more durable than even regular PVC pipes.

Quality work

Have you ever repaired pipes only for them to start leaking in few days? No doubt, such encounters are common but not with relining. The pipe relining comes as a powerful way to fix your leaking pipes for a long-term period.

The option is a good idea for repairing any type of pipes in regards to their angle or diameter. As well, it solves the issue for a long especially when you involve reputable plumbers.

In a word, pipe relining is an excellent way to help you retain your garden. You do not need to excavate or do away with your veggies andflowers to fix a pipe leakage. This way, it saves your money, time and offersa long-term solution.

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