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How To Design And Build A Cost-Efficient Water Garden Pond

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Are you planning to build a pond in your garden? No doubt, a pond is a good idea in your backyard. The pond provides a refreshing breeze. Also, you can use it for rearing some fish or as water storage for the dry season. Building a garden pond can sound like a complicated project.

You think of spending money on hiring a contractor, designing, and implement your idea. The truth is: you can establish a pond even with a fixed budget. There are some ways to save money on this project but still enjoy the same benefits as your friends. Here is how to do it:

Determine the size of the pond you want

Ponds vary in type and size. Some ponds will require a vast space, while others can fit in a limited area. When you decide to put up a pond, it is important to determine the good type and size fit for your land.

For instance, a Koi pond would be a nice choice for people with small gardens. These ponds are deep and only require 3by 6 feet. They are capable of holding up to 300 gallons of water. So, the first way to lowering the cost of pond construction is to select the type you want and fit for your garden size.

Choose its location

The location of the pond is another aspect that affects its cost. Your pond location will depend on its use and design. A pond for watering your plant will require setting it near water sources. If you want a pond that you will add features such as waterfalls and other landscaping designs, you need to locate it in a sloppy area.

Again, a pond for rearing fish and water decorative plants requires a place with little sun exposure. As such, you need to account for these aspects when determining where to locate your pond.

Get the top lining material

Leaking in your pond can be a setback to realizing your goal. The only way to prevent it is by using pond liners. When selecting the pond liners, it is essential to pay attention to the material used. Some liners like PVC are durable and flexible.

Also, they are simple to customize to meet your pond shape and protect it from UV-rays. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty being able to serve you for at least 20+ years. Remember, during installation, your pond liner texture surface should be facing up while a smooth one is on the bottom side. This aspect offers an attachment for essential water bacteria to grow on your pond.

Select the top pump

Water is central in your pond. At the end of the day, storing water is the main goal you are establishing. While you might have the good ponds in your neighborhood, lack of a well-structured water flow can be a great setback. The main determiner of the flow is a water pump.

Choosing the right pond pump can enhance the flow and ensure proper water circulation essential for fish and plant growth. In your selection, go for a pump that will handle your pond water volume effectively.

If your pond is large or has other features, you can consider using more than one pump. This way, you will save on pump breakdown costs and other issues that might affect your ponds.

Work with a professional plumber

Though building a garden pond is not a tough project, involving a professional is critical. Getting a plumber from companies can save you from pond construction mistakes. Plumbers have experience in pond pumps and piping. They know the type of pipes and pumps a given pond size will require.

For this reason, working with a professional plumber will mean that you choose what is right for your garden pond. This way, you will avoid spending money on the wrong items making your pond construction project cost-efficient.

Identify the right filter

Despite the use, your ponds should be clean and clear. You want them to be costless from organic matters and other debris. This cannot happen by wishing. You have a role in ensuring your pond water remains crystal clear. One way to do this is by installing water filters. The filters will eliminate any wastes and ensure only clean water gets to your pond.

Here you can use either mechanical or pressure filters or a combination of both. Importantly, the pressure filters are a nice idea when you want to have crystal clear water in your pond. Nonetheless, it will depend on whether you have the required capital to purchase one.

Consider regular treatment and maintenance

Treatment and maintenance are central aspects of your garden ponds. You must perform these tasks regularly to ensure your pond remains in the right condition. You need to keep cleaning the ponds to maintain their safety.

For instance, you will need to remove any fish waste and plant leaves if you have some fish on your ponds. Regular treatment and cleaning will help you maintain your ponds hygiene. So, have a regular schedule for these activities.

Ensure it has a spillover drain

No classified, spillovers will occur on your ponds. Rain and high water flow from your pipes are some of the aspects that can lead to spillovers.  Without proper management of these spillovers, they can destroy and damage your pond structure and design.

When designing your ponds, always consider this aspect. Make sure you provide spillover drains on your pond. This way, you will avoid the costs of repairing your ponds when every rainy season.

Wrapping up

In a word, a garden pond is a great structure. Theelement helps you store water for use in dry seasons. Also, it enables you to rear fish and other water plants that add beauty to your home. The ponds can be another part of your landscape. It will enable you to have some manmade waterfalls. Plus, they provide soothing scenery for spending your moments.

However, building one can be costly. Paying attention to the above aspects will go a long way to help you save some coins in implementing a pond project in your garden.

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