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15 Stylish Floating Kitchen Shelves Ideas For Storage

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Are you thinking of renovating your cooking space? If yes, then you must add floating kitchen shelves. They add a visual drama to your kitchen. Additionally, they increase the storage space, especially if you have a small kitchen. 

You can explore 15 stylish floating kitchen shelves ideas for storage. It can even make your kitchen look trending and sophisticated.

The kitchen is the heart of your dwelling. Hence, it needs to look great in your house. Most house owners dream of having a big and lighted kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially if you live in city apartments. Hence, you must be creative to make your kitchen functional and trendy.

Having both upper and lower cabinets can make the kitchen look heavy. Hence, you can replace the upper cabinets with floating shelves to make them look both light and airy.

Installing floating kitchen shelves is a great way to display various kitchen objects.

15 Stylish Floating Kitchen Shelves Ideas For Storage

floating kitchen shelves
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The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your dwelling. You must store various things in a kitchen, like jars, utensils, glassware, and cutlery.

Lots of cabinets in a cooking space can make the kitchen appear smaller. You can install floating kitchen shelve to have a sleek look. They appear as if they are floating in the air. Floating kitchen shelve seem lightweight, even if they are too thick.

Let’s discuss some stylish floating kitchen shelve ideas for storage.

1. Opt For Elevated Materials

Do you wish to add glamour to the cooking space? If yes, then add marble and brass floating shelves. It will immediately bring luxury to the space. You can keep stylish cutlery items on the floating shelves.

2. Have Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Reclaimed wood floating shelve can help create a cozy kitchen environment. You can keep various things like old kitchen utensils or mason jars, to give them a rustic look.

3. Heavy And Sturdy Floating Shelves

You can have floating shelves made from robust metal pipes and wooden planks. It will give an industrial touch to the kitchen. You can keep various cutlery items on the floating shelves to look good.

4. Floating Glass Shelves

Have floating glass shelves inside your kitchen to have a sophisticated look. It provides an attractive place to keep things like china plates to have a trending look.

5. Try DIY Floating Shelves

You can try some DIY floating shelve to give a personalized touch to the kitchen. You can use floating kitchen shelves with either wood, pipe, or iron.

6. Marble Floating Shelves

You can have the floating shelves made from marble. The kitchen backsplash also consists of the same marble as the floating shelves to look good.

You can display glass or kitchen accessories on the shelves to look good.

7. Have Floating Kitchen Shelves In Front Of The Window

You can have a floating kitchen shelf in front of the kitchen window. You can keep their various indoor plants so that they will get indirect sunlight for almost 6-8 hours. The shelf has a bar on its bottom to hang multiple kitchen utensils and towels.

8. Have White Floating Shelves

If you have white cabinets inside your kitchen, you can opt for white floating shelves. You can store cooking books, colorful dinnerware, cutlery, and many other things there. You can even display artificial or natural plants to create a refreshing atmosphere.

White floating kitchen shelve will help to make your cooking space lighted and airy.

9. Tin Blue Floating Shelves

You can have tin blue floating shelves that complement the white tile wall in the kitchen. You can mount two black lamps above the floating shelves for a trending look. Keep jugs, mugs, decorative accessories, or even an indoor plant to look good.

10. Floating Kitchen Shelf With Storage

You can have a floating kitchen shelf above the sink. Keeping ready-to-reach things on the floating kitchen shelve will be easier. You can have a closed storage on one side of the shelf. The other side of the shelf mounts to the wall with brackets.

11. Stone Floating Shelves

You can have beige natural stone kitchen countertops and backsplash. Use the same material to make floating shelves. The brackets of the floating shelves should also consist of natural stone. The usage of natural stone in the kitchen will give a luxurious look. Display artwork or any indoor plant on the floating shelves.

12. Walnut Floating Kitchen Shelve

The green marble backsplash covers the entire wall above the kitchen sink. You can have two walnut floating shelves there to display various kitchen accessories. The lower kitchen cabinets should also have walnut wood to compliment the look.

13. Floating Kitchen Shelve Wraps Around Tile Kitchen Wall

The kitchen can have grey and walnut cabinets and vertical white subway tiles. The tin floating kitchen shelves can be the focal point of the entire place. You can follow the shelves on the wall angles to have a trending look. You can hang utensils, display cutting boards, or kitchen accessories on floating shelves.

14. Have Floating Shelves On Either Side Of The Hood

You can have two to three rows of floating shelves on either side of the hood. Fill the shelves with everyday cooking essentials, fresh blooms, or some cooking books.

15. Floating Shelves With Corner

You can have floating wooden shelves around the corner of your kitchen. You can fit LED lights on the shelves to have an amazing look. You can display copper cookware or designer trays on the floating shelves.


Floating shelves in the kitchen can add a luxurious touch. They are now becoming a trend in almost all modern kitchens.

Having floating shelves can help in making your kitchen look spacious. You can keep various kitchen accessories on the shelf.

I have listed some floating kitchen shelves ideas above. Hope you utilize a few of these ideas.

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