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What Are The Key Characteristics Of Italian Kitchen Design?

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Italian kitchen is famous for its exceptional elegance and functionality. Italian Designers use wood and stone to make cooking place warm and inviting. It even features classy elements like ornate cabinetry and intricate tile work.

Italian kitchens focus on sleek, modern lines. They maximize the use of the cooking space.

You can renovate your small or large kitchen into an Italian kitchen design.

I will recommend you choose an open kitchen layout for this design. Install a chimney to keep your kitchen neat, clean, and smoke-free. Choose clever storage solutions. For example, use skirting drawers, open shelves, or corner shelves. Use them to showcase your stylish cutlery or decor accents.

History Of Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen design has a rich history that dates back to many centuries. Italian designers make kitchens that are functional and stylish. They have done so from  Roman era up  to today.

1. Ancient Rome

The Italian kitchen design dates to the ancient Roman period. Roman people are well known for their love of food. They had well well-organised kitchen and were present on the low level of the house. The kitchen had open shelves where Roman people kept utensils and cooking appliances.

2. Medieval Period

Italian kitchens improved in the Medieval period. They were more functional compared to the Ancient Roman period. The kitchen was present in the main areas of the house. A large fireplace was also there for cooking.

3. Renaissance

Italian kitchen look was drastically changed during the Renaissance period. They focus on beauty and aesthetics in their kitchen. Italian designers even started using natural materials like marble during this period.

4. Modern Italian Kitchen Design

Modern Italian kitchen design is practical and stylish. It emphasizes features like clever storage, lighting fixtures, and many more.

What Are The Key Characteristics Of Italian Kitchen Design?

italian kitchen
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Every architectural style has specific characteristics. Italian kitchen design entails an open and uncluttered environment.

I am listing below a few characteristics of Italian kitchen design.

1. Select Monochromatic Color Scheme

You want to remodel your kitchen and look like an Italian design. Well, I will recommend you use a monochromatic color scheme. You must use shades of the same color to have a cohesive appearance in your cooking space.

You may love to use bright or warm colors. But I recommend using neutral colors like white, grey or black. It will allow the neutral materials to shine on your cooking space.

2. Focus On Natural Materials

Italian kitchen design is incomplete without natural materials. These include Carrara marble, stone, and terracotta. They will help in creating a rustic atmosphere inside your kitchen. Compliment it with some bold accent pieces to look good.

Some people have a tight budget and still wish to have an Italian kitchen. In such cases, you can incorporate brick alike tiles to recreate the same Italian design.

3. Open Shelving

Incorporate open shelving in your kitchen to have an essence of Italian design. You can showcase some of your favorite cooking books, stylish glassware, or cutlery. It will create a warm and inviting atmosphere and enable guests to gather and socialize.

4. Lightning Set Up

Light is quite essential in an Italian kitchen. You need to have large windows in your kitchen to allow enough natural light to enter. If impossible, you can use lighting fixtures like pendants or chandeliers.

Pendant lights can highlight any space. They can highlight the breakfast island, dining areas, or kitchen worktops.

Chandeliers are the next design feature. Adding a chandelier will add a glamorous feel to your cooking space.

You can even use floor lamps or wall sconces to make your kitchen look gorgeous.

5. Appliances

You need to consider adding sleek and modern appliances to your kitchen. Try to opt for black stainless appliances. Invest in a wine fridge to keep things at a proper temperature. You must include other appliances like a coffee maker, pot filler, etc.

6. White Kitchen

You can have a completely white kitchen to have an Italian kitchen design. Paint the walls, ceiling and cabinets of white color. The kitchen countertop will also be white. The white kitchen will help the cooking space to look bright and spacious. It will create a modern atmosphere.

7. Display Utensils

Sometimes, you may not have enough space or money to have upper cabinets in the kitchen. In such cases, you can depend on hooks to hang pans, cups, and cooking utensils.

8. Don’t Paint The Wood

Wood can have the perfect Italian kitchen essence when left in its original state. It will even add a rustic and warm atmosphere. For example, you can have wooden lower cabinets. You can also have wooden flooring and islands in your cooking space. They will stand out without a lick of paint.

9. Expose Wooden Ceiling Beams

If you wish to have an Italian kitchen design, I recommend an exposed wooden beam on the ceiling. Have neutral color on the walls and ceiling so the exposed beams will stand out and shine. You may also install faux wooden beams if you wish to have a rustic farmhouse-style kitchen.

10. Go Creative With Tile

Most homeowners have tile backsplash in their kitchen. But you need to be a bit creative while using tiles. For example, have your kitchen sink with tile cabinets at the front. It will feel a sense of grandeur if you pair wooden cabinets with old-school pulls.

11. Have Some Farmhouse Influence

The butcher block countertops in your kitchen should match the creamy cabinets. You can skip the kitchen island. Have a wooden table with four chairs surrounding it to add a vintage charm.

12. Don’t Forget To Add A Vintage Decor

If you have old cups, plates, or other kitchen tools, you can show them on the glass cabinets. You can even display them on the floating shelves.

Some people throw the vintage utensils set if one or two get broken. Well I will recommend you not to throw the entire set. You can display them to have an essence of Italian kitchen decor.

13. Think Mediterranean

You can use natural materials and warm colors for an Italian kitchen design. For example use cabinets made from good quality wood. The backsplash and countertop can be of terracotta or tile.


Italian kitchen designs are famous for their sophistication. Italian designers have created beautiful kitchens from the Ancient Roman period to today.

I have listed down a few Italian kitchen design ideas in this article. Hope you like them.

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