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Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas (updated)

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Are you wondering how to decorate your farmhouse kitchen table? If so, you can explore a few ideas of farmhouse kitchen table that look elegant and sophisticated.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your dwelling. Renovating it from time to time can make you feel inspired and look modern and sophisticated

You don’t need to own a farm to always have charming decor inside your kitchen. You can have a farmhouse kitchen decor inside the home.

It creates both a warm and inviting atmosphere. The farmhouse kitchen decor even includes rustic touches that can make a timeless appeal inside your house.

A rustic farmhouse kitchen table is one of the significant features of a farmhouse kitchen. They are usually large pieces and consist of natural wood. A large size kitchen table enables you to host your friends and relatives.

But a well-dressed farmhouse kitchen table can help add aesthetic to your dwelling. The article discusses 10 farmhouse kitchen table ideas that add beauty to your cooking space. So, keep on reading this article to explore the ideas.

13 Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas

Dressing a farmhouse kitchen can create a rustic touch to the space. Let’s discuss some farmhouse kitchen table ideas that will be great for hosting dinner parties. The decor ideas will even create an inviting place inside the kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen table
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1. Size Matters

You can have a round table with bench seating on one side and chairs on the other. It can be a perfect place for morning bites or enjoy a cup of tea.

Throw some colorful pillows on the bench seating. It will add a pop of color to the space. To create an inviting atmosphere, you can keep some fruit above the round table. Keep a vase with artificial or natural flowers for a refreshing look.

Paint the kitchen walls completely white. Hang some paintings to look good. You can have large windows to allow a lot of natural light to enter the space. Also, hang a lovely pendant light above the round table to look stunning.

2. Add A Pop Of Color To The Dark Wood Table

The farmhouse kitchen features a large dark wood table with a rustic look. You can keep a vase with yellow flowers to create a bright ambiance.

3. Give New Life To Your Vintage Tapestry

You may have a vintage tapestry of your ancestors or have purchased it from the local market. 

You can give it a new life by layering it over the linen tablecloth. It will give a farmhouse feel while hosting guests or enjoying dinner. The linen tablecloth can be white to look good.

4. Use Linen Napkins

There is no place for paper towels in farmhouse kitchen decor. For a charming look, you can use linen napkins and mismatched plates on the farmhouse kitchen table.

5. Try Tapered Candles

For romantic farmhouse-style decor, you can have scented votive candles over the farmhouse kitchen table.

6. Decorate With Items Which You Use

You can style your farmhouse kitchen table with natural decorations. You can have a wire basket to hold apples, eggs, or fresh apples. Another alternative is to have a herb garden in the center of the table. It will add depth and flavor to numerous dishes and cocktails.

7. Enhance The Decor With A Single Bloom

If you have a farmhouse kitchen table near the window, you can place a single flower in a ceramic vase to make it look good. If you don’t have a ceramic vase, cut a beautiful flower from your garden and place it inside the jam jar. 

It gives a new life to your table setting. The real pleasure is not in your food but in how you dress up your kitchen table.

It will bring nature to the kitchen table.

Have white walls in your kitchen. You can hang a vintage metal bucket on the wall and fill it with green grass cuttings for a complete farmhouse kitchen decor.

8. Try A Printed Table Cloth

A white tablecloth may look for a five-star hotel. But a printed tablecloth will give a fantastic look. It can create an inviting and more farmhouse look in your kitchen. The printed tablecloth will even help hide all the scratches on the table.

9. Use Vintage Pieces For Decoration

You usually place your farmhouse table in the kitchen. But what about the summer months? You can take the kitchen table outside to get surrounded by nature. 

You can place vintage bottles, vintage linen napkins, and vintage bottles with fresh plants and flowers. But ensure the plants or flowers will not disturb the ability to socialize with your guests on the table.

10. Fancy Silverware

Fancy silverware on a farmhouse kitchen table looks charming and modern compared to the set you purchase from a local store.

11. Paint Everything White

Paint the white floors, walls, and ceiling for a modernized farmhouse-style kitchen. Have a round kitchen table. It can have a rustic wood finish to look good. Slip-covered chairs with lumbar pillows surround the round table.

12. Farmhouse kitchen Table Runner

You can lay a table runner on your farmhouse kitchen table. To add visual interest, you may place mats made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen.

13. Theme Decor

You can change the theme decor of the kitchen table according to season. For example, you can decorate the table in the fall with pumpkins or gourds. Again, you can decorate the table in the summer season with mason jars. Fill the jars with sea shells for a summer touch.


A modern farmhouse kitchen blends comfort, style, and rustic charm. The design trend that started ten years ago is prevalent in most houses.

You can use creativity and follow the above ideas to give your farmhouse kitchen table a beautiful look. It can be a perfect gathering place for your family. You can have late-night chats or enjoy lunch or dinner at the table.

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