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19 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Lights

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Having a kitchen island gives a luxurious look to the kitchen. You can hang some lightning fixtures above the kitchen island to make it look more modern. The article lists 19 gorgeous kitchen island lights that can help you purchase and make your kitchen look fantastic.

The kitchen is the heart of your dwelling. It needs various types of lighting to look modern and sophisticated. 

But the lightning fixtures above the kitchen island hold an exceptional value. Good lighting fixtures will draw your guest’s eyes upward while visiting your house. It has the power to transform the look of your entire kitchen.

There are numerous things to consider while buying kitchen island lights, i.e., the size of the kitchen, the height of the ceiling, the size of the kitchen island, and many more. 

You have to even coordinate the color and style of the light according to the cabinet hardware and other kitchen accessories to have a cohesive look. 

Sometimes, you will need multiple kitchen island lights. In such cases, kitchen island lights should not compete with each other. In fact, they should complement each other in terms of size and style.

19 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Lights

kitchen island lights
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1. Prefer Gold Globes Pendant Lights

You can have a kitchen island with a marble countertop. Hang a white globe pendant light with multiple gold chains. You can have golden hardware in your kitchen to compliment the look.

2. Amber Crystal

Have teal cabinets in your cooking space. Lay a vibrant color rug to look good. Have an amber crystal globe chandelier above the black kitchen island to look stunning.

3. Hang Glass Pendants

You can hang clear glass pendant lights by the gold chains above the marble kitchen island. Try to pair it with the nearby sconces and hardware. The clear glass will allow the light to shine in your cooking space.

4. Oyster Shells Pendant Light

Are you interested in bringing the beauty of nature to your kitchen? You can hang the oyster shell pendant light above the white marble countertop. You can compliment the look by keeping shell decor items and driftwood on the countertop.

5. Beaded Chandelier

If you wish to have a modern and farmhouse style inside your kitchen space, then you can hang a white beaded chandelier above the kitchen island.

6. Hang Copper Pendants

Do you wish to have an industrial feel in your cooking space? If yes, you can hang rustic copper pendants with long matte black stems to look good.

7. Canvas Drum Pendants

You can have wooden beams on the ceiling. Hang canvas drum pendants from the wooden beams to look stunning.

8. Lantern Style Pendant Lights

You can hang two lantern-style pendant lights above the kitchen island to give it an elegant look. Have bright white cabinets and open bookshelves to compliment the look.

9. Wire Pendant Light

If you are not interested in hanging three to four small light fixtures above the kitchen island, then you can hang one sizeable black wire pendant light above the white marble kitchen island. 

Compliment the look with a black subway tile kitchen backsplash, black kitchen countertop, and black counter stools. Try to paint the walls white to make them look good.

This black and white combination will give a stunning view to your kitchen.

10. Sculptural Pendant Light

You can hang a sculptural pendant light above the kitchen island to instantly elevate and modernize your kitchen space.

11. Try Trio

You can have three glass pendant lights above the oversized kitchen island. It will help brighten up your entire kitchen with large windows extending from floor to ceiling.

12. Antler Chandelier

Hang an antler chandelier just above the kitchen island for a rustic look. Compliment it with a cowhide area rug, butcher block countertop, and walnut counter stools. Have all-white kitchen cabinets to create a warm atmosphere.

13. Oversized Five Pendant Lights

Hang oversized five black pendant lights above the kitchen island. You can compliment the look by having matte black finish cabinet pulls and faucets.

14. Polished Brass Dome Pendant Light

You can hang polished brass dome pendant lights above the marble countertop. Compliment it with a streamlined faucet and golden cabinet pulls. You can have wooden floating shelves in your cooking space where you can keep various kitchen accessories like cutlery and glassware.

15. Three Spherical Pendant Lights

You can hang three white spherical pendant lights with long wires above the white countertop kitchen island. Have all the white cabinets inside your kitchen and black pulls to compliment the look.

16. Schoolhouse Lights

Hang three schoolhouse lights above the grey kitchen island to bring charm and character to the cooking space.

17. Cone Shaped Lights

You can hang three oversized glass pendants that have a cone-shaped design. It can have a structure inside for holding candlelight. It will give a bold look to the cooking space. You can complement the look with an oversized black hood and geometric backsplash.

18. Colorful Glass Ceiling Lights

You can hang three colorful glass ceiling lights above your wooden kitchen island. It can fill the kitchen with a splash of color. Additionally, it will draw the eye’s attention upward when guests visit the house. You can compliment the look with a subway tile backsplash and artwork.

19. White Ceiling Pendant Light

Hang an oversized white ceiling pendant light above the wooden island. You can compliment the look with white walls, cabinets, and kitchen backsplash.


The Kitchen island is one of the most versatile spaces in your dwelling. You can have various activities on the kitchen island, like cooking, preparing food, enjoying morning coffee with a newspaper, and many more. Children can do homework even on the kitchen island.

You can install lightning fixtures above the kitchen island to make the cooking space look gorgeous. I have listed some kitchen island lights to help buy a suitable lightning fixture.

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