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17 Dark Interior Design Ideas That Are Stylish And Glamorous

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Are you tired of the same boring white interior design style in your home? If yes, then this article lists a few dark interior design ideas that can give a modern and luxurious atmosphere.

Most houseowners don’t prefer dark colors in their living room, bedroom, or dining space. They think that darker hues can make the room smaller. But you will be amazed to know that darker shades like blue and charcoal grey can turn your dwelling into a cozy and inviting place. 

You can pair the dark colors with the right furniture, accessories, and lighting to create a harmonious look. It will even showcase your personality and style. You can use dark colors with bright accents in your living or bedroom to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

History Of Dark Interior Design

Dark interior design style dates back to Gothic architecture and design. In such an era, dark colors were used as a sense of mystery. Later, the style evolves with time. It starts to mix with other design elements to create a striking atmosphere.

Luxurious Dark Interior Design Principles

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Imagine you walk into a space that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere after a long, tiring day. This is the essence of dark interior design. Dark, rich colors, refined materials, and subtle textures can turn your ordinary home into a beautiful sanctuary.


You need to remember a few principles, which are listed below.

  • Balance: You will use dark colors in your home. But that does not mean you will overdo it. You need to use some lighter color accents to have a balanced look.
  • Scale: You need to consider the size of the room while selecting dark elements. For example, if you have a smaller room, then you can use dark colors. But try to use light-colored furniture or accessories to give it a balanced look.
  • Warmth: Choose warm tones like deep plum or black raspberry to create a cozy atmosphere. Use proper lighting to showcase these colors.


  • Velvet: Try to use velvet upholstery to elevate the space.
  • Marble: Try to have a marble countertop or a side table. Match it with metallic finishes to look good.
  • Wood: Have deep, rich wood tones like a walnut in your living room or bedroom to create a warm atmosphere.


  • Area Rug: A high-pile rug can add richness and comfort to the room.
  • Wallpaper: Have a textured wallpaper of dark hues to create a dramatic atmosphere.
  • Throws: You can have throws of either velvet or faux fur to add dimension to the room.

17 Dark Interior Design Ideas That Are Stylish And Glamorous

Here is a list of 17 dark interior design ideas which are both stylish and glamorous.

1. Have Dark Blue Shades

If I talk about all-white homes, then it will no doubt create a lighted and airy atmosphere. However, introducing warmer colors will create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere.

Have walls of navy blue color. Compliment it with wooden textures and grey accents to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Combine Charcoal Grey With Walnut For A Modern Look

You can combine charcoal and walnut textures to have a sleek and modern look.

3. Embrace Darker Colors In Your Small Living Room

dark interior design
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Is your living room small? If yes, then you can use dark colors like blue to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. But you can have a white ceiling.

Have a light grey color sofa in your small living room. You can throw blue or light pink color pillows to have a dramatic effect.

4. Embrace Black Tiles

Many house owners prefer to have dark wallpaper on one wall of the living room or bedroom. 

Well, you can have another great alternative, too. Have glossy black tiles on one wall of the room. If you don’t want to have it in your living room, then you can incorporate it in the walls of the shower, fireplace, or kitchen backsplash to create a modernized look.

5. Embrace Earthy Tones

Dark interior design means that you will have only black, blue, or grey colors in your dwelling. You can use deep, rusty orange or red to create a cozy atmosphere.

6. Paint The Ceiling In Dark Hues

Most homeowners think that when they paint the ceiling white color, then it will make the room look bigger. However, painting the ceiling in darker hues, such as that of the walls of the room, can make the ceiling appear taller.

For example, if your room is narrow, then you can paint the two shortest walls with a lighter shade than the long walls. You can keep the floor and ceiling neutral color to have a balanced look.

You can have a dark grey wall in your living room. Hang photos, artwork, and mirrors to have a statement look. It will break up your dark interior and give you a stunning look.

8. Have a Dark Florals Mural

Florals do not always mean pink roses or whimsical daisies. You can have dark floral wall murals to have a sophisticated look.

9. Add Depth To A Room With Houseplants

You can ultimately have your bathroom walls in darker hues. But keep various houseplants in your bathroom to have a luxurious effect on your bathroom. Have pale grey glossy tiles in your bathroom to add depth to the room.

10. Have Dark Window Shades

You can have dark window shades on your home. You can even have dark and velvet curtains to have a gothic feel inside your house. Complement it with lighter color throw pillows to create a visual interest.

11. Choose A Rich Color

Darker hues need not be grey or black. You can have a deep, rich purple shade to create a gorgeous atmosphere. Compliment it with a matching carpet to make it look good.

12. Velvet Dreams

You can have a dark red velvet sofa or green velvet sofa in your living room to create a focal point in your room.

13. Embrace Black Beauty

You should not be afraid to experiment with blacks. Have black walls in your living room. It will be a perfect backdrop for any artwork. Compliment it with bright furniture pieces to create a pleasant and gorgeous atmosphere.

14. Forest Green

You can have dark forest green walls. Compliment it with wood accents and indoor plants to have a natural look.

15. Gothic Glamour

You can have dark walls in your living room. Combine it with dramatic curtains and antique furniture to have a gothic look.

16. Dark And Rustic

You can have dark walls in your living room. You can compliment it with rustic wooden beams and leather furniture to make it look good.

17. Combine Black And White In Your Kitchen

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Some houseowners don’t like only black or white in their kitchen. Well, in such cases, you can combine both black and white to have a magical defect. Have matte black upper and lower cabinets. Paint all the walls white color. It will create a luxurious, modern, dark interior kitchen.


Dark interior design can create a cozy and modern atmosphere in your dwelling. I have listed a few dark interior design ideas and hope the information is helpful. You can adopt any of these ideas to create a pleasant, gorgeous, and lavish atmosphere.

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