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5 Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials

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Are you interested in making outdoor kitchen cabinets? If yes, then the article lists down the five outdoor kitchen cabinet materials that can withstand for many years.

Imagine you are hosting a party outside the house. You have brought all the meals and drinks from outside. But for serving, you have to rush every time to your interior kitchen. It makes the party boring. There comes the importance of a well-organized outdoor kitchen. 

You can have all the necessary cooking essentials in one place, i.e., in Outdoor kitchen cabinets. 

Most house owners give importance to aesthetics and storage space while making indoor kitchen cabinets. They choose a more robust material that will last for at least 15-20 years. 

Well, while making the outdoor kitchen cabinets, you need to also pay special attention to the material. It is because it is going to withstand heat, rain, and chill.

There are a lot of materials available on the market that you can use to make outdoor kitchen cabinets. But I am listing below some of the materials in this article that can increase the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.

Benefits Of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Dining out occasionally is quite lovely. But it’s equally enjoyable when you create delicious meals in your backyard and feed your loved ones.

The outdoor kitchen has evolved from a few square feet of the backyard to a luxurious cooking space. It has almost the same functionality as your interior kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets have various advantages.

1. Convenience And Organization

You can keep all your kitchen things, like cutlery inside outdoor kitchen cabinets. Drawers allow you to store various cooking accessories in one place. The cabinets will help keep all the items organized. It eliminates the need for an indoor kitchen.

2. Dry Storage

It provides a dry storage place where you can store numerous dry items like pots and utensils. The storage helps to protect these kitchen items from various weather elements.

3. Space Saving

Whenever you are cooking outdoors, space is limited. You can tuck all the kitchen items inside the outdoor kitchen cabinets so that they will take up less space on the kitchen countertop. 

Keeping all the kitchen items organized inside the cabinets even helps to keep your outdoor kitchen neat and clean.

4. Design Theme

Outdoor kitchen cabinets can create a unique design theme in your backyard. It helps in making your backyard more attractive.

5. Hides Plumbing Work

Plumbing work is quite essential in an outdoor kitchen. However, having outdoor kitchen cabinets can hide all the plumbing work inside and thus provide a clean look.

5 Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Whenever you plan for an outdoor kitchen, then, it’s quite important to have outdoor kitchen cabinets. Its materials play an essential role. You need to choose weatherproof materials as the kitchen cabinet will withstand various weather conditions.

I am listing below some of the outdoor kitchen cabinet materials.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular options when house owners are thinking of choosing materials for outdoor kitchen cabinets. The main benefit of stainless steel is that it is durable and can resist different weather conditions.

But Stainless steel can get rust quickly. Hence, you need to choose high-quality stainless steel or stainless steel with powdered coating. The coating comes in various finishes, like wood or metallic finishes. You will also find some colorful hues too. 

I will suggest you to buy 304 stainless steel. It is a great material, and you can use it for outdoor purposes. The thing is that they are corrosion and rust-resistant.

Remember, the usage of low-grade stainless steel can result in rusting. The powdered coating can even peel off with time. It isn’t even to repair the powdered coating. Sometimes, the layer is too thin, which will result in denting over time.

2. Aluminium

Aluminium is the next popular choice of most house owners when selecting materials for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It will not rust like stainless steel. But it can corrode with time. Well, you can use a powdered coating to get rid of this problem.

Its weight is even lighter compared to other materials. So it’s for installation purposes. But remember, the material is quite soft. If any heavy object knocks on it, then your aluminum cabinets can have a dent.

You can maintain aluminum cabinets easily. Just wipe it with a soft cloth to remove all the dust and dirt.

3. High Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene is the next material that you can use for outdoor kitchen cabinets. They are durable and  to maintain. You can clean it with water, and it will look brand new.

The thing is that they are available in various colors. So, it will help in enhancing the view of your outdoor kitchen. High-density polyethylene is even rust and corrosion-resistant. It even resists different chemicals.

However, there are some disadvantages to using this material. High-density polyethylene can fade its color when exposed to harsh sunlight. So I suggest that if you are using this material for outdoor kitchen cabinets, then you should prefer UV resistance material.

It even swells with the change in weather conditions. It can result in damaging your outdoor cabinets.

4. Concrete, Brick, And Stone

Concrete, brick, and stone are the next materials that you can use for outdoor cabinets. They are durable and resistant to heat.

A great thing about using this material is that you can customize them. You can have various designs when you use concrete, brick, and stone.

But there is one demerit, too. It will take weeks to months to complete the installation. It even results in a lot of mess. It may be difficult for you to clean when food spills on the outdoor cabinet accidentally.

5. PVC

Polyvinyl chloride is the last  material that you can use in outdoor kitchen cabinets. It is durable and rust-resistant.

You can even easily maintain it. Just wipe it with water, and you will remove all the dust and dirt.

I recommend that you always buy high-quality PVC. If you use low-quality PVC, then it will fade when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

How Can I Maintain Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

outdoor kitchen cabinets
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You need to maintain your outdoor kitchen cabinets from time to time. For example, wash with soap and water to remove dirt. If there is stubborn dirt, you need to use a mixture of vinegar and water. Try to dry the cabinets thoroughly; otherwise, mold or fungus can develop.

The durability of the cabinets depends on the type of material you choose and how well you maintain it.


Your backyard space is usually wasted. Having an outdoor kitchen can enhance the visual appeal of the house. You can install and keep all the kitchen accessories, including glassware and cutlery, in an organized fashion.

The article listed above the materials that you can use for outdoor kitchen cabinets. You can use any of them to enhance the look of your outdoor kitchen.

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