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Maximizing Space In A Small Kitchen Remodel Near Me?

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Do you wish to maximize your kitchen space? If yes, this article offers a few tips for maximizing space in a small kitchen remodel near me.

Most house owners dream of having high ceilings, ample space, and a lot of natural light in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have such a kitchen.

It can be challenging to remodel a small kitchen without compromising its beauty and functionality. However, following a few tips can significantly maximize the space in a small kitchen.

What Are Some Tips For Maximizing Space In A Small Kitchen Remodel Near Me?

kitchen remodel near me
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Does your small feel outdated? If so, then you need to remodel it. But before remodeling, you plan the design carefully. You need to measure your kitchen space and decide how to use it effectively. 

You must also identify areas you wish to change, like layout and storage solutions. Also, the budget must be considered before finalizing the design.

Below are a few tips for maximizing space in a small kitchen remodel near me.

1. Utilize Wall Space

Storage is the primary factor you must consider while remodeling a small kitchen. Your first step should be to declutter unnecessary things in the kitchen. You can then think of optimizing the storage space.

Small kitchen dont have enough floor space. Hence, you have to think vertically. You can use the walls of your small kitchen to install open shelves. You can showcase some stylish cutlery or daily-use items on it. 

You can even think about the wall mount cabinets to store various kitchen items. Have pull-out cabinets and drawers in your kitchen to store bulky utensils like pots and pans. 

You can mount the knife holder in the preparation space. It will help you to grab the knife you want and start chopping ingredients easily.

Another option is hooks or pegboard for hanging pans, pots, and a few utensils.

2. Create an Illusion Of Your Kitchen Space With Light And Color

Light and color can help create the illusion of maximizing the small space in your kitchen. Use light colors or neutral hues on the walls, ceiling, counter-tops, and cupboards. It will help make your room light and airy.

Additionally, have a mirror back-splash or use a wall-mounted mirror in your kitchen. The mirror helps in reflecting light. It will even create the illusion of an ample space in the kitchen.

You can even have windows in your kitchen to allow natural light to enter. This helps maximize space.

3. Incorporate Proper Lighting Fixtures

You can incorporate proper lighting fixtures to make your small kitchen look lit. For example, you can have walls and sconces or hang a chandelier or pendant just above the kitchen island. They will be visually appealing and give the cooking space a luxurious look.

Another great option is to add under-cabinet lighting. It helps illuminate the work surface and creates a cozy feel.

4. Consider Building A Small Kitchen Island

kitchen remodel near me
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Try to talk to your designer and build a small kitchen island. It will not only add a visual interest but also increase storage capacity.

You can build an island with casters if you have a very small kitchen. You can roll it away from the workspace while entertaining guests or cleaning.

5. Consider The Layout

The layout of the kitchen is crucial when you remodel your small kitchen.

Try to remove the wall to have an open space concept. You can consider an L-shaped layout to amplify the corner space.

6. Go Creative With Seating

Seating options in the kitchen can create a personalized touch. It enables you to view outside just by staying inside the kitchen.

But having a seating area in a small kitchen is a bit complicated. You can opt for clever ideas like fold-able stools or banquette seating.

7. Choose Compact Appliances

You can opt for small, space-saving appliances for your kitchen. For example, opt for slim refrigerators and compact microwaves. These appliances save counter space and give the cooking space a streamlined look.

8. Choose Space Saving Furniture

If you have a small kitchen, opting for space-saving furniture is good. For example, have a dining table with storage options or a wall-mounted table that can be tucked away when not required.

9. Divide Cabinet Space

You need to divide the space into cabinets. Divide either vertically or horizontally to store narrow sheets.

10. Always Keep The Counter Clutter Free

Small appliances or tea, coffee, or salt canisters occupy a lot of space on your kitchen counter, making your kitchen look messy. Well, you can have one extra shelf or a wall cabinet to store all the small appliances or tea and coffee canisters.

You can even have a particular breakfast cupboard to store bread, coffee, mug, juicers, etc.

11. Have Glass Cabinets To Add Depth

Adding opaque cabinets helps to keep your cooking space neat and clean. But it can make the small kitchen look more smaller.

Hence, you can opt for opaque cabinets only in the lower portion of the kitchen. Have glass cabinets in the upper portion of the cooking. You can keep glassware or cutlery in it. It will add depth to your kitchen area.

12. Have Flooring Wisely

You must choose the flooring wisely to create the illusion of a bigger space. For example, have hardwood floor planks in your kitchen. This is particularly useful when the small kitchen leads to your living room. It creates a seamless look and will add visual appeal.


Remodeling a small kitchen can be challenging for homeowners. But with proper plans and creativity, you can create a stylish space in the available space.

I have listed a few tips on maximizing space in a small kitchen remodel near me. Follow the tips to make changes in your cooking area. It will indeed create a wow factor in your kitchen.

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