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6 Pretty Flowers That Start With I

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flowers that start with I. Flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies to facilitate proper reproduction. Apart from that, they beautify your garden and uplift your mood instantly.

So, do you love gardening and planning to add some new flowering species? If yes, consider 6 pretty flowers that start with I letter.

List Of Stunning Flowers That Start With I

Below are a few stunning flowers that start with the I letter.

1. Ice Plant

flowers that start with l
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The scientific name of Delosperma is known as Delopserma cooperi. The plant produces bright-coloured flowers that can blow your mind instantly. The flowers can be of various colours, like orange, pink and purple.

The plant starts to bloom in spring and continues till the growing season.

Lovely flowers of ice plants attract a lot of pollinators like bees and butterflies, increasing the health of your garden ecosystem.

Ice plant is a draught-tolerant plant. The leaves store water and hence can survive in prolonged dry periods easily.

The plant is native to Africa. The leaves of this plant, especially Delosperma species, have specialised cells with water-storing capabilities.

When light falls on these cells, they resemble as if the plant leaves are covered with ice. Hence, the plant is known as an ice plant.

Ice plants require abundant sunlight to produce flowers profusely. Lack of the sun can lead to weak growth of the plant.

Good drainage soil is essential for Ice plant growth; otherwise, it may lead to root rot.

Ice plants are undoubtedly drought-tolerant, But you have to give them water almost regularly during the growing season.

2. Iris

flowers that start with l
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The Iris plant is a perennial plant that requires less care and maintenance. There are more than 250 species of Iris plant. All the species of the iris plant produce beautiful flowers that can create a stunning appearance in your garden.

The plant is native to Europe and can produce flowers of various colours like blue, pink, orange, red and many more, depending on the species. Most species will bloom mainly in the spring to early summer season.

Iris plants require almost 6-8 hours of sunlight. You can grow them in partially shaded areas in a scorching climate.

Bulb-type iris will require well-drained soil to survive. But there are other varieties of iris like Japanese iris and yellow flag iris, which survive in moist soil.

Give low nitrogen fertiliser to the plant during early spring and again when the plant starts to produce flowers.

You can propagate these plants by rhizome division or through seed. However, the germination rate through seed is 50 per cent low, and it will take more time to produce flowers.

3. Impatiens

flowers that start with l
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Impatiens is a bedding plant which grows in shady areas of your garden. The flowers of this plant come in various colours like red, pink, violet and many more. Most species of the plant grow almost 30 inches tall.

The shallow root system and low plant height make them top suited to grow in hanging baskets.

Impatiens is a perennial plant in warm regions. But it is an annual plant in all other areas except tropical regions.

It’s good to plant them in moist and well-drained soil. You can plant them in late spring, especially when the soil temperature will reach at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For proper plant growth, the soil must be acidic, i.e., with a pH of 6 to 6.5.

Impatiens plants will produce flowers profusely if you provide water-soluble fertiliser within a gap of two weeks in the growing season. The plant usually blooms in the spring and summer seasons.

4. Ilex

flowers that start with l
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The Ilex plant is known as the Christmas berry plant. It is a perennial plant native to North West Africa and South West Asia. There are almost 400 species of Ilex, but the most popular one is holly(Ilex aquifolium).

Ilex flowers are usually white and have four petals. Bees generally pollinate these flowers.

Female plants produce berries. The berries can be red, black and many more colours. The berries bloom mainly in winter when most of the flowers are dormant.

You can cut the berry branches and put them in the flower vase. It will give a warm feel in the Christmas season.

Most plant species are dioecious plants, i.e. male and female flowers bloom on different plants. So, if you want bright berries, plant both male and female plants in your garden.

Ixex plants require moderate care. It needs well-drained soil and full to partial sun for proper growth. You must provide water to this plant every two to three days in the summer.

The plant is vulnerable to pests like spider mites, white flies and mealy bugs.o you have to take care accordingly.

5. Indian Jasmine

flowers that start with l
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It is an evergreen shrub that originates from Southeast Asia. The small pinwheel flowers have a lovely smell. The plant usually blooms flowers in late spring or summer season.

The plant requires a consistent temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit for blooming. If there is no constant high temperature, then the plant will survive but will not be able to bear flowers.

The plant requires abundant sunlight to grow properly. It requires well-drained soil with a PH of 5.5 to 6.5 for proper growth.

6. Indian Blanket

flowers that start with l
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Indian Blanket is quite famous for its bright colour and sweet scent of flowers. It helps to attract bees and butterflies in your garden. The plant grows almost 24 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

They require abundant sunlight and poor to well-drained soil for proper growth.You can propagate these plants with seeds. But remember, plants produced from seeds will not bloom in the first year.

Flowers that start with letter l for girl

In the enchanting world of flowers, the letter “I” offers a vibrant array of blossoms perfect for a girl’s name. For a touch of regality, consider the Iris, with its majestic blooms symbolizing faith and wisdom. The cheerful Impatiens, bursting with colorful impatience, reflects enthusiasm and a vibrant spirit. Indian Pinks, delicate yet resilient, embody grace and adaptability. For a touch of elegance, the Ixora, adorned with star-shaped blooms, signifies determination and optimism. If you seek a flower steeped in mythology, the Iris, named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, carries messages of hope and communication. And let’s not forget the Ice Plant, a testament to endurance and resilience even in harsh conditions. Whether you prefer the bold statement of a Sunflower or the understated beauty of an Icelandic Poppy, the “I” floral alphabet holds a unique bloom to capture the essence of your special girl.


We have listed above beautiful flowers that start with I letter. But before growing any plant, you need to consider whether the plant will survive in your location.

Again, you must consider the soil, temperature, weather conditions and compatibility with pets and children before growing any plant.

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