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Flowers That Start With V Letter

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Are you thinking of adding some flowering plant species to your garden? If yes then I have listed some of the most vibrant flowers that start with V letter.

Flowers contribute beauty to your garden. They even attract pollinators like bees and butterflies which can aid in pollination.

You will find various flowers that start with V letter, like Venus flytrap and vernonia. These blossoms are eye-catching because of their distinguished aromas and appearance. You can plant them to enhance the look of your garden.

Flowers That Start With V Letter

1. Violet (Violet Spp.)

flowers that start with v
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The Violet flower belongs to the violaceae family. It is a small plant that prefers to grow in the shade.

The plant produces various colors like purple, blue, or pink flowers. It can tolerate drought for a limited period. But try to give water regularly to grow up to its full potential.

They like to grow in slightly acidic soil. You can mix some peat moss with your garden soil to make the soil a bit acidic.

The violet plant has heart-shaped leaves and points at the tip. You can use its roots for cooking purposes. It has a sweet flavor, which tastes the same as honey.

The flowers of this plant have medicinal properties. You can use them to alleviate coughs, lower blood pressure, and treat acne.

2. Verbena

flowers that start with v
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Verbena is a flowering plant that requires little maintenance. They grow almost 6-8 inches tall and can tolerate soil of any PH levels.

Verbena plants require well-drained soil for proper growth. Try to grow this plant where it receives only 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Verbena plants are not heavy feeders. But try to provide a balanced fertilizer once a month for proper growth.

The plant produces tubular flowers of various colors like purple, white, and red. You can grow these plants in hanging baskets, containers, or flower beds.

They attract butterflies and multiple insects to your garden. Simultaneously, they have medicinal properties. It comprises chemicals that can reduce inflammation, treat irregular menstruation, and many more.

3. Vinca

flowers that start with v
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Vinca is another flower that starts with v letter

Annual vinca require full sunlight for proper growth. The plant grows almost 6-8 inches tall and requires sandy loamy soil.

The soil PH must be within 6 to 7 for adequate plant growth. The Vinca plant has dark green and glossy leaves.

The flower can be of various colors like pink, purple, white, and red.

Don’t water your vinca plant too frequently. You should only water the plant when the top inches of the soil are too dry.

You can grow these plants in containers, borders, or ground cover.

They can propagate by seeds. You can sow seeds 12 weeks before the last frost. You can transplant the seedlings when the outside temperature exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You need to plant vinca plants by keeping a space gap of at least 8-12 inches for enough air circulation.

4. Valerian

flowers that start with v
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It is a flowering plant that originates from Europe and Asia. The roots of this plant has medicinal properties. It mainly helps to promote good sleep.

The flowers have a very sweet smell. So it attracts many bees and butterflies to your garden. The small cluster of fragrant flowers come in shades like white and lavender.

Valerian requires sandy, loamy soil with good drainage for proper growth. The plant needs full sunlight and partial shade in the afternoon to grow. You can use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to prevent roots from growing in excess.

You can propagate valerian through seeds. Sow the seeds directly in your garden when the danger of frost disappears completely. The seeds will germinate within 2-3 weeks.

5. Virginia Bluebells

flowers that start with v
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Virginia Bluebells usually bloom in the spring season mainly from March to May. It is an annual plant that generally grows good under shades. They have oval leaves with colors ranging from grey-green to blue-green.

The plant grows almost 2 feet tall and produces pink color buds. These buds further have blue trumpet-shaped flowers. They smell very light. Virginia bluebells are rich in nectar and thus attract insects to your garden.

6. Venus Flytrap

flowers that start with v
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Venus flytraps are perennial plants and are native to South Carolina. They require almost 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow properly.

They need acidic soil with good drainage to survive. The temperature within the 70-95 degrees Fahrenheit range is good for plant growth.

The plant blooms flowers in the spring season. The flowers are small and white and consist of five petals. The leaves of this plant have a trapping mechanism.

Each leaf has spiky edges and trigger hairs inside. When an insect comes in contact with the leaves, the leaf lobes will shut instantly and trap the prey.

7. Veronica

flowers that start with v
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Veronica has almost 500 species of flowering plant species. The most popular one is Veronica spicata. It requires very low maintenance, and you can grow it in a rocky garden or any sunny space in your garden.

 The flowers start to bloom in late spring or in the summer season. They attract butterflies and bees to your garden.

Veronica plant grows good in abundant sunlight. However it can tolerate partial shade.

Loamy and well-drained soil is perfect for its growth. Don’t let the soil get soggy; it can kill the plant’s roots.

Try to water the plants regularly, especially when they are young. The plant will bloom more if you provide moderate water.

Try to plant veronica near a structure to prevent damage by strong winds.


Flowers refresh your mood. It even adds beauty to the entire garden. I have listed seven beautiful flowers that start with V letter. You can plant any flowering plant above and add beauty to your garden.

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