Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

11 Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

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11 Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter. Do you want to add some beautiful flowers to your garden? Do you want to explore a few flowers for your knowledge? If yes, I have listed some gorgeous flowers starting with C letter.

Flowers add color, texture, and biodiversity to your garden. The presence of beautiful flowers in the garden can uplift your mood instantly. So people prefer to give flowers to their loved ones when sick.

A flower’s main work is attracting pollinators to the plant to have proper reproduction.

You will find a lot of beautiful flowers in the World. But today I am going to discuss captivating flowers that start with C letter

11 Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Flowers hold an important place in a human being’s life.I am listing below 11 flowers that start with C letter.

1. Calendula Offcinalis

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Calendula is commonly known as pot marigold. The flowers are usually orange to golden yellow. They are gorgeous, and people usually grow them in a garden.

Calendula flowers are beautiful and repel insects and various pests from the garden. You can grow these plants in direct sunlight for the most blooms.

This plant is native to Mediterranean countries. Slowly, however, it became popular throughout the world. The petals of these flowers are rich in compounds known as flavonoids.

These compounds have antidiabetic, anticancerous, and anti-thrombogenic properties.

2. California Flannel Bush

The California flannel bush flowers are quite spectacular flowering shrubs. The plant grows very quickly. It grows to a height of almost 20 feet.

The leaves grow 1-2 inches with 3 round lobes. The flowers are yellow on top and brown below. These flowers attract a lot of butterflies to your garden.

3. Carnation

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Carnation is otherwise known as Dianthus caryophyllus. These flowers are quite beautiful. People grow them to enhance the space of their garden.

The clove-like scent of these flowers can enhance anyone’s mood. You can plant these flowers in early spring, mainly after the last frost. If you are fortunate, you will see the bloom within six weeks of planting.

You will find these flowers in various shades like pink and red. You can grow these plants in a pot or directly on the ground.

They require abundant sunlight to grow properly. You have to water these plants and provide fertilizer occasionally and regularly.

4. Chrysanthemum

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

You can find Chrysanthemum flowers in various colors like yellow, pink, red, and purple. They amplify the beauty of your garden.

Chrysanthemums are autumn-blooming flowers. You can plant them in late spring so their roots will develop properly before the next frost.

You need to place the Chrysanthemum pots where it will receive almost 6 hours of direct sunlight. The soil must be rich in organic matter.

Simultaneously, it must be well drained for the plant to grow properly. You need to trim the tip of the stem from time to time so that there will be bushy growth and more flowers.

5. Camellia

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Camellia is the next beautiful flower that starts with C letter. You can find this flower in various colors like white,red, pink, and yellow. You need to take proper care and maintenance to plant this stunning flower.

Well-drained soil is quite essential for its growth. The PH level of the soil should be between 5 to 6.5. Pruning is quite essential for the growth of the plant.

Remove the dead branches and foliage to promote new growth. You also have to cut the branches crossing each other so that they will not rub.

6. Clematis

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Clematis is a climbing perennial plant. You will find these plants climbing on arbors and trellises. You will find more than 350 species of clematis globally. The flowers have either 5-6 petals and points at the tip.

They come in various shades like blue, white, and red. It’s prime to plant them in early spring season. You can plant them in full sunlight for proper growth.

7. Coneflower

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

The cone flower is the next beautiful flower that starts with C letter. People grow these flowers not only for its beauty but also for its medicinal properties.

The plant can tolerate drought and, hence, survive in dry climates. But it needs almost regular watering in the growing season. Additionally, place the cone flower pot where it can receive abundant sunlight.

8. Clarkia

You will find almost 40 varieties of clarkia globally, all gorgeous. They are native to the western part of North America.

The four-petal flowers grow almost 2-3 inches in diameter—people like to plant these flowers in borders or beds for the cup-shaped blooms. The flowers bloom from late spring to late summer.

9. Calla Lily

Captivating Flowers That Start With C letter

Calla lily flowers are trumpet-shaped at the top. Single-petal flowers will wrap to form a charming look in your garden. They come in shades like white, yellow, red, and peach.

It is the perfect flower to give in bridal bouquets or as the centerpiece. The plant grows almost 5 feet tall and mainly grows in tropical areas. The flowers will attract hummingbirds to your garden.

10. Coral Bells

Coral bells can add a new dimension to your yard. They come in various colors, like red, pink, white, and yellow. The plant grows almost 3 feet and requires very little care and maintenance. However, it requires a lot of sunlight for proper growth.

A temperature of almost 45 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for growing coral bells.

11. Canada Violet

The beauty of Canadian violet can surely blow anyone’s mind. The white petals with little hints of yellow and green look incredible. It is a perennial plant and can grow almost 14 inches tall.


Flowers can add charm to your life. Its fragrance and beauty can enhance your mental health. We have listed almost 11 beautiful flowers that start with C letter and hope you like them.

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