8 Effective Ways of Keeping Pests and Predators Out Of Your Home Garden

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Are you struggling with predators and pests in your garden?

No doubt, predators can mess up your plans. These animals invade your land, eat your food, and others feed on your essential and profitable insects. The effects of these predators can impact your wallet. For instance, you will need to visit a grocery to get some vegetables and food supplements when predators eat plants.

In this essence, you must find perfect ways of keeping way this uninvited guest from your home garden. Many methods exist for achieving this objective. Some are unfriendly and will kill the predator, while others are scaring them away without any consequential harm. Here are some of them:

Fencing your garden

Fencing your garden is one of the top ways to keep invaders away.Your garden fence should be strong to inhibit any type of animal from finding its way into it. It will stop animals like rabbits, antelopes, deer, and other herbivores from accessing your garden. When fencing, ensure you add some cement base around the fence.

As you know, some animals like the rabbit can dig under the garden fence and get in. also, using an electric fence and gate is a good idea to stop strong animals. The big animals can break the fence, but they will sense danger and run away with electricity being part of it.

Importantly, you should consider a qualified electric gate electrician to carry on that task. This way, you will avoid other regrettable consequences due to electrical hazards. 

Using repellant sprays

Probably, you use pesticides to deal with pests inhabiting your garden. The pesticide is working perfectly on this aspect. But it is not driving away from the predators. You spray it today, and the predators visit your garden tomorrow or even some minutes after the affair.

If you do not want to fence your garden, you can consider using repellant sprays. The sprays have an awful smell that keeps the animal away from your garden. You will easily get a spray repellant on an agro-vet or store next to your home. However, different repellant sprays work for different predators.

For this reason, you need to identify the specific animals invading your garden to decide the perfect spray for your case.Essentially, only use the spray for spraying the fence and garden edges. Never use it on your crops directly.

Guarding your garden

Sometimes, you need to take up the responsibility of guarding your garden. Some predators are beyond fencing and will not move away due to repellant sprays. In this case, you need to get the right arms and start the task of hunting the predators.

Hunting firearms are an excellent idea for ensuring the predator leaves forever. You will deal with the predators once and for all. So, you can opt for a hunting rifle. However, you need to ensure that your use’s arms do not have many impacts on your garden.

Use your pets

Maybe you do not have the guts to kill. You are afraid of hurting the animals despite their deterrent activities in your garden. Nonetheless, you have no reason for entertaining them damage your crops. When arms and repellants are not an option, your pets can fill the gap.

For instance, a dog will be a nice idea for dealing with rabbits and antelopes. Cats will work for you in eliminating birds from your garden. However, ensure these pets have the right training and comfortable spending maximum time outdoors. If your pet is an indoor lover, you will not succeed in using it for this mission.

Attracting preys

Another idea of eliminating predators from your garden is by attracting prey. Identify the predators and pests affecting your garden and come up with a way of inviting their prey. For instance, birds are prey to most pests that damage your crops. You can develop nests or structures that will make them settle in your garden.

However, ensure you only attract birds and preys that will not cause other regrettable consequences in your home. Some birds, for example the hawks, can feed on your pets. Inviting such birds will be one of the worst mistakes you will ever commit.

Having a raised garden

Small animals and pests only access your garden because it lies on the ground. You can get them out of your way by raising the garden. Come up with a raised structure that will support your garden and make it in accessible to these predators. Also, you can consider using a flower pot in establishing your home garden. This way, you will be one step ahead of the crawling and snugging of pests and predators.

Inserting scarecrows

Building scarecrows is one of the oldest and effective ways of getting rid of predators in your garden. You can create a scarecrow that resembles a human or the predators’ prey. When building one, ensure you make it mobile.

Some animals can distinguish between real and fake elements. By making it mobile, you confuse and scare them. Also, you should consider using red and yellow decorations. These colors havea significant impact on animals as they act as flight triggers. Hence, using the will be a perfect idea.

Relocate your garden

Sometimes, using the above elements may fail to offer long-term solutions. You can struggle with predator invasions despite fencing and putting an electric gate on your garden. Also, the predators can keep on coming back even when you hunt them or use repellant sprays.

In this case, the last resort is to move your garden. You must shift your home garden to a location that is safer and simple to control the predators.

Wrapping up

In a word, predators and pests can be disastrous. When they invade your garden, they can cause a huge loss that will affect your budget. Fortunately, you have a way to control them. Considering one of the above ways can help you keep the predators away. So, now you do not have a reason to struggle with predators in your home garden.

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