Having a garden is a great idea

Every Gardener Need To Know: Having a garden is a great idea

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Having a garden is a great idea. Your home garden acts as a source of fresh vegetables and other food supplements. You enjoy watching your crops lifecycle from seeds to germination to maturity. The garden is a perfect way of ensuring you are in charge of what goes on your plate. You are confident that your meals are toxin-loose, and you are feeding on pure organic ingredients.

But every gardener can confirm that setting up a garden is not a simple task. Developing the garden beds and sourcing for the prime soils, as well as installing the pipelines, can be a costly affair. This task requires commitment and dedication for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

While you may involve experts in developing a home garden, there are some classified they will never share with you. Here are some of them:

Every Gardener Need To Know: Having a garden is a great idea

Your garden floor matters

When establishing your garden bed, the floor is a crucial aspect to consider. The floor determines the type of plants you can have on the land and how long it remains wet. Many people use concrete for the base, while others opt for polythene paper.

Depending on the size and plants you will plant, any of these options can be a perfect idea. The polythene floor is a good pick when your garden in areas with water scarcity. However, it keeps water for a long period and might not be the choice for areas with plenty of water or receive rains from time to time.

A pool can be a good way to store water

Water is the source of life for any living organism and plant. For this reason, you need to have a reliable source of water in your garden. One way to ensure this aspect is by putting pipes in place.

However, using piped water for your garden can raise your bills. The next alternative is having a water pool or pond. These options can help you store rainwater and use it in your garden during the dry season. A pool is better than a pond as it serves more than one purpose. The pool can be a water storage and a cooling place when the weather gets hot.

When building pools, it is essential to choose asuitable material. You can go for either a concrete or glass pool. However, you need to know the difference between fiberglass and concrete pools to make the right decision.

Knowing these aspects will help you choose what is right for your land and purpose. Nonetheless, going for a pool over a pond will offer your family a nice time, boost your health and fitness through swimming, and act as a source of water for your garden. 

Old newspapers can work perfectly as mulch

Often, your garden will require some mulching. Mulching helps it to retain water by reducing the evaporation rate. Also, mulch inhibits weed from growing, eliminating competition between it and your crops. In many cases, gardeners use grass and organic wastes for this purpose. Sourcing mulch can be an expensive affair at times.

What experts do not tell you is that newspapers can work as mulch. All you need is some dryer lint and a bunch of used newspapers. Shred the newspaper into small pieces and shock them on the lint. This way, you will have a nice mulch for your garden. As well, you can use the newspaper with other mulch to prevent weed from growing in your home garden. 

You don’t need to buy a watering can

While you need to spend money to develop a reliable home garden, you should consider saving opportunities. One such opportunity is saving on buying a watering can. Instead, you can transform your milk jug into a watering can.

Experts will not share this idea with you as they make money from selling such items. So, instead of throwing away those milk jugs, you can utilize them in watering your garden and seedbeds.  

Bottles are good for self-watering your plants

At times, you may not afford time for watering your plants. Your budget may not allow you to install self-watering systems in your garden. So, should you watch your plants drying up? Experts like plumbers will not offer this advice to you. All they want is you to buy some pipes and offer them the installation work.

If your budget is not suitable to meet their desires, you can use your wine bottles for self-watering purposes. All you need is to get the bottles filled with water. Then, open them and the neck into the soil at the base of your plants. This way, your plant will enjoy a regular water supply. Also, you will save on the watering costs.

Egg trays are perfect for seed starting

Do you want to establish a seedbed but no enough space to do it? Or else, you can’t avoid the seed starters due to a strict budget. Do not worry as you have some way out. Your egg trays and cartons are nice material as seed starter ground. The trays have compartments where you can put soil and plant each seed. Also, they are available and helps you keep your environment clean through recycling. So, you do not have a reason to buy seedlings every time. Take this idea and implement it.

Wrapping up

Having a garden is the top thing you can ever do at your home. The garden adds some beauty to your homestead. It also acts as a source of fresh and organic food. However, you need to have a good plan before establishing one. First, you must identify a good source of water,establish the right material for the floor, and prevent weed.Also, you need to come up with a way of getting your seedlings.

Without a good plan, establish a garden can be an expensive affair. Experts will not help you with many ideas on how you can save your money on this project. Remember, they rely on you to generate some income. So, applying the above ideas will go a long way in saving some coins and having a superb home garden.

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