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How Do I Set Up My Urban Kitchen? (19 Ideas)

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Urban kitchens can function simultaneously as dining places, workplaces, and places for cooking. It is a kitchen design that can transform your small kitchen in an apartment into a vibrant spirit of city life.

Urban kitchen design features include clever storage solutions and a touch of industrial edge. So get ready to remove every possible clutter in your kitchen and transform the design.

Fortunately, there are endless ideas by which you can set up your urban kitchen. But we have listed 19 ideas here by which you can create a modern urban kitchen space.

Urban Kitchen Design Ideas

Urban kitchen
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Are you craving a kitchen that reflects the style and energy of a city living? If yes, then you must choose an urban kitchen design. This design offers many options to transform your culinary space into heaven.

You can easily set up such a kitchen even in your cozy little apartment. I recommend ditching the clutter and embracing the following urban kitchen ideas.

1. Urban Kitchen Dont Need Four Walls

Earlier, the kitchen was confined to four walls of the building. But urban kitchen design is different. You can open up your kitchen and the living area to make it more airy and spacious. The good  place for urban kitchen design is next to gardening.

2. Eat Where You Cook

You dont need to separate your dining space and kitchen. Combine the wooden urban kitchen with a marble dining table. Four velvet blue chairs surround the dining table. You can keep some houseplants on the dining table to add color to the cooking space.

3. Bring Nature In Your Cooking Space

You can keep flowers, succulents, or certain houseplants near the kitchen’s windows to create a refreshing atmosphere. You can also have wooden flooring to create a natural vibe. Have kitchen countertops made of stone or granite.

4. Give Importance To lightning Fixtures

Urban settings tend to be dark. Hence, it’s quite important to have both natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen.

Some urban kitchens dont have windows to allow natural light to enter. In such cases, lightning fixtures can play drama in your cooking space.

To enhance the space, hang a nice pendant or chandelier above the dining table or breakfast bar. These are striking elements that can draw the guests of your eyes upward.

5. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Urban kitchen
Image Source: gettyimages.in

Are you confused about which color will go good in an urban kitchen? To have a contemporary look, stick to a few shades like grey, black, and white. These versatile colors will allow other designs to shine in your cooking space. If you love pops of color, add them through artwork, wallpaper, or other accents.

6. Subway Tile Backsplash

A proper kitchen backsplash can enhance the visual appeal of the cooking space. For example, a white subway tile backsplash can create a classy and timeless look.

Well, there are other options, too, like metallic backsplash. It adds a touch of glamour to the cooking space, and a geometric backsplash will also add a modern touch to the urban kitchen.

7. Opt For Open Shelving

You can incorporate open shelving to maximize storage space inside your kitchen. It will even help to showcase your stylish cookware and utensils.

8. Create a Charcoal Urban Kitchen Design

The kitchen’s wall and floor can have light-colored tiles. The upper cabinets can have a matte black finish, and the lower cabinets can be grey. A wooden breakfast island in your kitchen is a good choice. Hang pendant lights above it to add a modern touch to the atmosphere.

9. Retro Yet Modern Urban Kitchen

A color shade that defines a retro kitchen is mint green. You can see all the upper and lower cabinets in mint green. Couple it with gold accents to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Have pattern pastel hues on the kitchen flooring. Compliment it with beige walls to make it look good.

10. Exposed Brick Wall

You can expose the brick wall in your cooking space to embrace the beauty of natural wood. To make it look good, complement it with dark-colored cabinets.

11. Urban Kitchen In Monsoon Cloud

Gloomy and cozy kitchens do not usually go together. However, they are good at creating a vibe of urban kitchen design.

The cabinets and floor in your kitchen should look like a monsoon cloud. Compliment it with wooden  furniture to create a homely and cozy atmosphere in the cooking space.

12. Exposed Beams

Most house owners forget about the ceiling while designing the kitchen. You can have exposed beams on the ceiling to draw the eye upwards of every guest visiting your house.

13. Hang A Mirror

An urban kitchen even demands decoration. You can hang a large round mirror in your kitchen. It will reflect light and help illuminate the area, creating the illusion of an ample cooking space.

14. Wall Art

You need to incorporate small and large artwork in your kitchen. It will help add sparkle to the decor. You can also hang some interesting quotes to inspire you while cooking.

15. Craft Studio Approach

Combine bricks, wood, and vibrant colors to create an urban kitchen design. Have exposed brick walls on one side wall of your kitchen.

The lower cabinets can be teal blue in color. Top the island with light wood. Have light wood flooring in the cooking space. This combination will feel like a craft studio.

16. Combine Black And White

White cabinets in your kitchen will create a light, airy, and open environment. A kitchen island with a white marble countertop can also be a great addition. Black stools can also have a fantastic effect.

17. Luxury Kitchen Appliances

You can upgrade our kitchen appliances to create a wow effect on the cooking space.

18. Light Wood Cabinets

Light wood cabinets and white countertops can create a bright and airy kitchen. It will be the perfect place to gather friends and family.

19. All White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen is the next urban kitchen design. Almost everything, such as cabinets, countertops, walls, and ceilings, can be white. Acacia wooden bowls and floating shelves can add a touch of warmth. You can also keep some dried branches in a vase to create a nice look.


The urban kitchen design is a perfect example of functionality and modern style. It is perfect for city dwellers and inspires making delicious meals in the cooking space. I have listed a few urban kitchen design ideas and hope the information is useful.

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