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17 Design Ideas For Mama’s Kitchen Looking Good

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Is your Mama’s kitchen demanding a fresh look? Is the design outdated? If yes, I have listed a few design ideas for Mama’s kitchen that can elevate the space and help create a warm and inviting cooking space.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a space where your Mommy begins and ends her day. Hence, it needs to be creative, unique, and harmonizing with the rest of the home decor.

It should also have pops of color like painted cabinets, wallpaper, or touches of greenery. The article lists 17 design ideas for making Mama’s kitchen look good. So you can read the complete article to explore these ideas.

17 Design Ideas For Mama’s Kitchen Looking Good

Mama's kitchen
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Most house owners would love to have a lighted and spacious kitchen. But it is not always possible.

Homeowners living in small apartments usually have small kitchens. This can be quite disappointing for young moms, and it can even cause claustrophobia in some mothers.

Most people are opting for small apartments or have small homes due to the rise in economic challenges. A small apartment has a small kitchen, which can irritate young mummies.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it. I have listed almost 17 design ideas for Mama’s kitchen to look good. You can go through them to learn how to make the kitchen space look adorable, modern, light, and airy.

1. Embrace Checkboard Flooring

In Mama’s kitchen, use classic checkerboard tiles. Gold hardware can help complement the look. Have sky-high open shelves to showcase glassware, pottery, or some cooking books.

If your Mama loves plants, you can keep a few succulents or indoor plants on the open shelf to create a pleasant, fresh atmosphere. It will give the kitchen a green touch.

2. Create A Small Seating Area

You can expand the countertop slightly to accommodate two bar stools. I recommend you create a seating area near the window or in the corner of the kitchen. It will be an excellent place to spend time with family.

3. Add Glass Cabinet Doors

Adding glass cabinet doors helps create a light and airy mood. They are even an excellent way to showcase cutlery. To look good, you can incorporate an antique table instead of a kitchen island.

4. Paint Drawers And Cabinets

Paint the drawers and cabinets to bring life to the cooking space. For example, paint the kitchen’s walls and ceiling white. Paint the drawers and cabinets a beautiful teal blue color to create a bold space.

To complement the look, have a round glass dining table in the kitchen. Hang pendants just above the dining table to give your Mama’s kitchen a wow factor.

5. Mix Vintage And Modern

Another great Mama’s kitchen idea is to mix vintage and modern to look unique. You can have kitchen cabinets, walls, and ceilings white. Have a vintage blue stove to look extraordinary. It will give your kitchen a bold look. Compliment it with marble flooring and gold hardware to make it look stunning.

6. Mix Patterns And Colors

Mixing patterns and colours can make your Mama’s kitchen look unique. For example, if you have black, white, green, and blue, it will never look good together. But you can give the kitchen a unique look by adding floral wallpaper and an antique rug.

7. Hang Fruit From The Ceiling

You can refresh the kitchen by adding wallpaper, vintage items, and light fixtures. You can hang the fruit basket from the ceiling to give it a unique look. It will even help keep Mama’s kitchen countertop neat and clean.

8. Grow Flowers Near Window

You can grow some fresh flowers near the window of your kitchen. The fresh flowers will instantly help in uplifting the mood. Simultaneously, the light blue grasscloth should match the grey cabinets to look good.

9. Focus On cabinet

Lower cabinets should be dark in color to define the cooking space. Upper cabinets can be light in colour to reflect light and make the kitchen look brighter.

10. Decorate With Lighting Fixtures

You must decorate your Mama’s kitchen with lighting fixtures to give it a modern look. For example, hang pendant lights or a lovely chandelier above the kitchen island to look stunning. You can even opt for wall sconces to give the kitchen a luxurious look.

11. Install Large Window

A small kitchen is likely to get heated quickly. You can avoid this issue by having large windows in the kitchen. This will improve the airflow in the kitchen and create a fresh and refreshing atmosphere. It is particularly beneficial if any members of your home have asthma patients.

12. Hang Artwork

You can hang some artwork in the kitchen to inspire your mother every day. It will even help to beautify the space.

Another excellent alternative is to mix small and large art prints to create a lovely gallery wall in your kitchen.

13. Install Mirror Backsplash

Changing the kitchen backsplash is one of the easiest ways to update it. Hot oil can splash on it and make it dirty over time. You need to change it to make the cooking space look good.

For instance, use a mirror backsplash in the kitchen. It will help make the small kitchen brighter and create the illusion of doubling the space in the entire kitchen.

14. Open Up The Kitchen Space With Bright White

You can stick to white shades for kitchen cabinets, countertops and moulding. Choose light wood floors to match the all-white design.

15. Try Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

You can have a dark wood farmhouse-style kitchen island to add warmth and contrast to the cooking space. You can add some stools to have a great dining space. To make it look good, complement it with white cabinets.

16. Add Corner Shelves

If your kitchen dont have enough space for open shelves, you can opt for small corner shelves. You can keep a small potted plant, a stack of cooking books, or some decor items. They will add a beautiful touch to your Mama’s kitchen.

17. Mount A Metal Rack

If you don’t want to add a decorative backsplash to the kitchen, I recommend another excellent option. You can mount a metal rack and attach metal hooks to it. This way, you can hang pitchers, a cutting board, a frying pan, and many more things.


Kitchens come in various sizes. A small kitchen usually disappoints, but you can still make it look unique by adopting the right kitchen ideas.

I have listed 17 ideas above for making Mama’s kitchen look good. You can adopt some ideas to make your mother’s kitchen look modern.

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