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13 Ideas For Renovate Number One Kitchen

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Does your kitchen feel dull and outdated? If yes, then it may lack function or not showcase your style. Well, you don’t need to worry about it. The article lists 13 ideas for renovating the number one kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the dwelling. It is a place where you start your day. You spend time in the cooking space preparing for meals.

You even spend quality time with your kids and family in this space. So, you need to convert your kitchen into something practical and productive during renovation.

The first thing you need to decide during renovation is the budget. Once you decide on the budget, you can select the materials according to that price range.

Your next duty is to infuse personality into the cooking space. For example, you can use glossy back-splashes or keep some of your favorite paintings or artwork in the cooking space. It will create an appealing look in your kitchen.

13 Ideas For Renovate Number One Kitchen

number one kitchen
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Your kitchen demands renovation after a few years. The kitchen may be screaming for an update, or the layout feels like a chore. Well, I have underlined 13 ideas for renovating the number one kitchen.

1. DIY What You Can

Your kitchen should not be boring. If you are on a tight budget, consider some DIY options to transform the space. For example, you can paint the walls of the cabinet or walls.

It will require only two to three paint cans. It is a cheap solution that will breathe life into the space.

Another great option is adding a subway tile back-splash to brighten your cooking space.

2. Integrate the Cutting Board into your Kitchen Countertop

If you love cooking, I recommend integrating a cutting board on your kitchen counter-top. You can add the cutting board next to your kitchen sink. It will be simple for you to wash the board without getting dirty. Make the board of either oak, hickory, or walnut.

3. Put a Decorative Shelf On The Countertop

You can keep a decorative shelf on the counter-top of your kitchen. Try to keep it in a corner and store daily dinnerware on it. You can easily access it when you need it.

4. Install Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves is another great way to renovate the number one kitchen. You can keep frequently used dishes or showcase your favorite cutlery on the shelves. You can even keep some decor items on it to create a visual interest.

5. Use wallpaper As Backsplash

Food or hot oil usually spills on the Back-splash and makes it dirty. Hence, it often needs to be cleaned. When you renovate your kitchen, I recommend changing the Back-splash.

Most house owners love to use tile or stone back-splash. Well, you can even use vinyl wallpaper as a back-splash. Its vinyl coating can endure heat and moisture. It can even withstand splatters of hot oil or food spills. Again, the beauty of the wallpaper will appeal to the eyes.

6. Hang Statement Light Fixtures

Your kitchen renovation will not be complete without light fixtures. You can hang lantern-like pendant lights or chandeliers above the breakfast island. Wall sconces can even give a luxurious feel to the kitchen.

7. Go For Two Tone Cabinetry

You can paint your existing upper and lower cabinets to have a refreshing look. A two-tone color cabinetry will help your cooking space to look bright and stunning. For example, you can paint the lower cabinets dusty green-blue. Paint the upper cabinets with white color. Using two-tone colors will give lightness to the cooking space.

8. Add an Island With Storage

A kitchen island can be the focal point of the cooking space. You don’t need to spend much money making a kitchen island.

You can re-purpose a brand-new island from an old cupboard. You can have storage on the kitchen island to keep extra utensils or a cutlery set for daily use.

Have a couple of stools on the island. The kitchen will serve as the casual dining or a place to sit and gossip with the guests coming into your house.

Paint the kitchen cabinets utterly white to make the space lighted, open and airy. Have a herringbone pattern back-splash and butcher block counter tops to have a warm atmosphere in your kitchen.

9. Don’t Forget About Ceiling

Most house owners don’t think about the ceiling while renovating their kitchen. Well, the ceiling can play a drama in the space. You can either paint the ceiling with a contrasting color to that of the walls and cabinets of the kitchen.

Another great alternative is to have exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. It will bring life to the cooking space.

10. Select Right Flooring

Flooring even plays a vital role in your kitchen. You can use the same flooring as your living hall to create a unified look.

11. Add Coffee Bar

You can add a coffee bar to your kitchen to modernize it. It is especially ideal for those house owners who love to have coffee in a day. Keep a good coffee machine and some coffee mugs in the bar.

12. Wall Paper Glass Cabinet Doors

The grey color kitchen walls and counter-tops complement the black appliances and cream color cabinets. A grass-cloth wallpaper lines inside the glass front cabinets. It will help to hide things inside and add a visual appeal to the kitchen.

13. Mix And Match Materials

You must consider mixing and matching the materials while renovating your kitchen. For example, you can mix wood and copper or marble and steel on your kitchen counter-top. It will create a wow factor in your cooking space.


A well-planned kitchen can help to elevate the entire home. It can help to improve your personality.

Are you undertaking a kitchen renovation? If yes, then we have listed a few ideas for renovating the number one kitchen. I hope you like such ideas and will implement them in your cooking space to create a visual appeal.

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