California interior design style

Latest California Interior Design Style

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Your home is your personal island. You must decorate each corner of your house. It should reflect your interests and personality.

 Most house owners adopt the California interior design style. It will make your home look stylish and comfortable without breaking the bank.

The California decorating style is for those who want a cozy home. It creates an inviting atmosphere.

The style involves using natural materials and wood accents. The color palette includes various neutral tones like white and grey. Try to keep your home simple and uncluttered. It will create a clean and relaxed atmosphere.

Latest California Interior Design Style Ideas

California interior design style
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1. Start With White Walls

You can paint the walls in white to have a California-style home.White walls reflect the natural light. It goes with any design style.

You can personalize your space with art and other decor elements. But pairing it with natural elements is good for a stylish look. White paint can even create a soothing atmosphere in your home.

2. Neutral Color Furniture

Neutral color furniture like beige and gray is quite prevalent. They are simple to clean and maintain and are versatile.

Neutral furniture allows you to add color to your living space. You can do this with various decor items and accessories. It thus creates an attractive environment without destroying the senses.

3. Natural Materials

Adding natural materials like wood to your house creates an earthy vibe. You can leave the natural materials as they are or polish them. It creates a modern and unique feel.

Natural materials add warmth to your house. They even connect with you to the outdoor World.

Have a stone fireplace to become a focal point in your living room.You can even use wooden accents in your living room. You can keep a reclaimed wooden bench to have a California-style vibe.

You can have marble or light wooden flooring to create tranquility. Light wood floors can reflect light and help to make the space look bigger. It will even go well with any contemporary furniture.

4. Woven Wall Basket Decor

You can adorn the walls with woven wall baskets. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

5. Caramel Or Black Leather Furniture

California interior design style
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You can choose caramel or black leather furniture for a California interior design style in your living room. These furniture are simple to care for and are timeless. You can even pair it with almost any decor style.

Choosing between caramel and black leather furniture depends on your taste. Choose caramel leather furniture if you want a warm and inviting look. But if you want a sleek and modern look, choose black leather furniture.

Have a couch, a love seat, and a caramel or black leather furniture chair. Pair it with an ottoman and a coffee table. These small pieces will complete the look.

6. Rustic Charm

Rustic decor is another feature of California style. You can have terracotta tiles to have a rustic look. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling are even another option.

7. Black Lightning Fixtures

You can have black lightning fixtures to have California decor. These can be pendants and lamps. They even add a sophistication and cohesive sense to the room.

You need to use fixtures that complement other design elements. Ensure that it provides ample light as per your requirements. 

8. Add Green Plants

Adding a lot of green plants can help to create a California-style room. It even helps to purify the air inside your room.

Plants even display the pottery accents. You can have a large palm tree or a succulent, based on your preferences.

9. Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker storage baskets can add a pleasant aspect to the room. You can keep wicker storage baskets consisting of rattan or seagrass.

Try to buy baskets with handles. You can carry them from one room to another.

10. Linen Bedding

Have linen bedding in your bedroom to create a California decor look. Choose bedding in either white or grey to create a relaxed atmosphere. The linen bedsheet will look good if your bed does not have fussy designs.

11. Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Pom pom throw blankets can increase the decor of a California-style home. The blankets are available in numerous materials. They are even available in various colors.

12. Have a Kitchen In California Style

You can have subway tile backsplashes. You can even have white cabinets, open shelves, and wooden bowls in your kitchen. It will give an essence of California style to your kitchen. Avoid bold and complex color patterns as much as possible.

13. Bathroom With California-style

Some houseowners want their bathrooms to have California-style decor. You can add a porcelain bathtub, marble finish, and a large shower.

Have white walls to add tranquility to your bathroom. Do this by adding natural elements like wood, seashells, and plants.

14. Have California Style Entryways

You can paint the front door black to have California-style entryways. You can balance the color shade with white walls and accents to look good.

15. Embrace Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is quite as crucial for homeowners in California. You can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor colors. You can have large windows or sliding glass doors to complement the look.

16. Bedroom With California Style

You can have a cozy bed with soft linens and plush pillows. Have a natural fiber rug to compliment the look.

You can keep a vintage dresser and a side wooden table for office work. Try to keep the décor minimal. Keep things uncluttered to have a California-style look.

17. Dining Room With California Style

You can have a dining table made from natural elements like wood. Try to keep simple and elegant decorative pieces like a wooden tray. Use them to keep various fruits on your dining table.


California style interior design is in trend today. It gives your home a sophisticated, neat, pleasant, and clean look. I have listed down some of the California interior design style decor ideas. You can incorporate any of them to make your house look modern.

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