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13 Dining Room With Fireplace Ideas

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A dining room with fireplace can create an inviting atmosphere in your house.

Most people love to keep their fireplace in the living room or bedroom. But what about the dining room? Most modern interiors place the fireplace between the dining and living rooms. It’s so elegant and cozy to have dinner when the fire crackles close near you.

Simultaneously, the dining room with fireplace creates a sophisticated and elegant look. It is particularly beneficial for those homeowners who host or spend most of their time in their dining area. The fireplace can enchant warmth and create an eye-catching appeal in your dining area.

I have listed 13 dining room with fireplace ideas. You can keep reading this article to learn more about the ideas.

13 Dining Room With Fire Place Ideas

dining room with fireplace
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Curling up in front of the crackling fireplace with a teddy is quite cozy. Most people live to install their fireplace in their living room or bedroom as it creates a relaxed atmosphere.

But a dining room with a fireplace is a modern idea, and it can make a warm ambiance if you are having a late-night dinner or hosting a party on a chilled evening.

I have listed down 13 dining room with fireplace ideas.

1. Black Dining Set And Fixed Fire Place

You can fix the fireplace on a stone accent wall. Keep the black dining set just in front of the fireplace.

You can keep a grey rug below your black dining set. You can illuminate a linear chandelier just over the dining set. It will create a warm and elegant atmosphere in your dining area.

2. Tropical Dining Room With White Fireplace

If you have a tropical dining room then his idea is for you. You can keep your darkwood dining table with beige chairs in the dining area. Fix the white fireplace on the wall. You can illuminate an iron chandelier over your dining set. Keep a white and blue rug just below the dining set.

3. White Brick Fire Place With Wooden Dining Table

Do you want to add a classy style to your dining space? If yes, keep a white brick fireplace open in your dining area.

Keep your wooden dining table with casual chairs in your dining area. Hang a round chandelier just over the dining set. You can mount a large round mirror just over the fireplace.

Keep a flower vase just near the mirror. It will surely give a modern touch to your dining space.

4. Wooden Dining Set And Brick Fireplace

Illuminate your dining area with a wrought iron chandelier. You can hang it from a wooden beam.

Keep your wooden dining set near the brick fireplace. The fireplace can have a frame of white mantel. You can keep some vintage candles on top of the mantel.

5. White Dining Room With Black Mantel Fireplace

Paint your dining room walls white. Keep your darkwood dining table near the black mantel fireplace. The white upholstered chairs can surround the dark wood dining table. Illuminate the crystal chandelier over the dining table. You can hang your chandelier from the coffered ceiling.

6. Open Dining Area With Wooden Dining table And White Mantel Fireplace

Keep your long wooden dining table with black chairs over the vintage rug if your dining area is open. Keep your dining table infront of  the white mantel fireplace.

There can be wooden flooring with good ceiling height. The wooden beams on the top should be visible.

7. Wooden Dining Table With Stone Fireplace

The vintage chandeliar illuminates your entire dining area. You can showcase the area with a long darkwood dining table with upholstered chairs. You can accompany it with a display cabinet and stone fireplace.

8. Dining Area With Double Sided Fireplace

You can have a small rectangular dining table with sleek white chairs on the wooden plank flooring. You can have a double-sided fireplace fitted to the white pillar. The pillar is a divider between the dining area and the living room.

9. Black Fireplace With Wooden Dining Table

You can have a dining room featuring a black fireplace that fits into the brick accent wall. You can hang a big  round clock and mount one or two floating shelves with decorative items on the brick accent wall. Keep your wooden rectangular dining table under the skylights fixed to the white drop ceiling.

10. Dining Room With Television And Fireplace

You can have a wooden dining table with wooden chairs fitted with leather cushions. Keep the chairs over a nice pattern rug to look good. Again you can mount a television and fireplace on a stone brick accent wall to create a stunning look.

11. Wooden Dining table And Fireplace With Frames Of Mosaic Tiles

If you have an airy dining area then you can utilize this idea. You can have a dark wood dining set and white frame windows. The red dot chairs sit on large rugs and surround the dining table.

The windows can have glass panels from where you can see the outside greenery. Paint the walls of your dining area yellow in color.

You can have a firewall fitted to the yellow wall. It can have frames of mosaic tiles and a white mantel. You can hang some lovely artwork over the fireplace to look good.

12. White Dining Set With Black Fireplace

You can have a modern dining area with full-height windows. You can cover the windows with bluish-pink curtains. You can include a black fireplace with firewood storage near it. Keep your white dining set in your dining area to look good.

13. White Dining Table And White Fireplace

You can have a dining area with an oval-shaped dining table surrounded by white chairs. You can keep a decorative bowl on the dining table to look good.Include a white fireplace on your dining area to have cozy atmosphere.


A dining room with fireplace can create a stunning view. I have discussed 13 dining rooms with fireplace ideas. You can implement any ideas to make your dining space cozy and inviting.

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